Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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fflHIIIiliHIIIHllllllilllllllllll^ jy[QNTHLYllllllllliHWIIIII!lillllll™Hi^ Picture-Play Volume XXVI CONTENTS FOR MARCH, 1927 Number 1 The entire contents of this magazine are protected by copyright, and must not be reprinted without tlie publishers' consent. What the Fans Think . 8 An open forum of discussion by our readers. A Russian Romance 15 Rod La Rocque and Dolores del Rio in a love scene from the film of Tolstoy's "Resurrection." Oh, to Be Loved by a Prince! . . ♦ Aileen St. John-Brenon 16 A peep into the blissful' married life of Mae Murray and Prince Divani. Film Struck Roland Ashford Phillips 17 The first installment of an enthralling novel. He Trains His Babies for Stardom . . . Margaret Reid . .21 Pat O'Malley is already preparing" ihem to be movie actresses. Leatrice Joy Learns Late — But Well ... ..... 23 Photos of the girl from New Orleans being initiated into the perils of ice skating. Is the Gilbert-Garbo Match Really Off? . . Dorothy Herzog . . 24 What Jack Gilbert himself has to say about the love affair. Jinx, Jinx, Who's Got the Jinx? .... Ann Sylvester . .26 The various hoodoos that have spoiled the careers of some of the players. Hail the Conquering Beery! . . . , . Edwin Schallert . . 28 Wallace Beery forges to the front and is crowned a king of comedians. You Never Can Tell William H. McKegg . 31 How James Hall fooled every one. Twelve Reasons for Contented Cows . . 32 The Christie comedy girls blithely take up farming. Following the Blue Print Malcolm H, Oettinger 34 That's what Dorothy Mackaill has done — and see the result. Favorite Picture Players ........... 35 Photos in rotogravure of popular players. God Gave Him Ten Cents ..... Ann Sylvester . . 43 When he needed fifteen — but Gary Cooper made the grade just the same. Hollywood Moves to the Holy Land . . . Grace Kingsley . . 44 Catalina Island is transformed into a second Palestine for the filming of "The King of Kings." Over the Teacups . . . . . . . The Bystander . .48 Fanny the Fan's spicy gossip about Hollywood doings. -et's Play Games! . Elza Schallert ♦ . 52 The stars are all gayly reverting to childhood pastimes. Born to the West — and East, Too . . . Myrtle Gebhart . . 55 That's Colonel Tim McCoy, the rugged modern cowboy who dresses for dinner. The Stroller ........ Carroll Graham . . 56 A rambler in Hollywood views the colony w-ith a humorous eye. anhattan Medley . . . . . . Aileen St. John-Brenon . 58 What's being seen and heard among the film folk in New York. Continued on the Second Page Following *<» publication issued by Street & Smith Corporation. 79-S9 Seventh Avenue, New York City. Ormond G. Smith. President; George C. Smith, Tire ;nt and Treasurer; George C. Smith, Jr., Vice President: Ormond V Gould, Secretary. Copyright. 192G, by Street & Smith Corporation. New Copyright, 1926. by Street & Smith Corporation, Great Britain. Entered as Second-class Matter, March 6, 1916, at the Post Office at New York, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Canadian subscription, $2.S6. Foreign, $:J.22. \RLY SUBSCRIPTION, $2.50 SINGLE COPIES, 25 CENTS """iillllllllllllilllH'miilii""!! niiiii""" -/A