Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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Advertising Section 'IF IT*S A PARAMOUNT PICTURE /Ti THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN ' The Miracle Man; Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde; The Affairs of Anatol, The Coveted Wagon; The Ten Commandments; Peter Ban; The Pony Express; The Vanishing American. Old Ironsides; Beau Geste; Sorrows of Satan; The Rough Riders; Wings; Metropolis; The Wedding March; Variety; Hotel Imperial; We're in the Navy Now, The Kid Brother. Barnum; An American Tragedy; The War of the Worids ; SorrelfSt Son; Gentlemen Prefer Blorides; Beau Sabrenr; Glorifying the American Gir); Casey at the Bat. Guide to the Best Motion Pictures w" l-*-1Ul-"t .„ ma^e a jate jor tie others, and Check the ones you have see?., ■ voh when. don't miss any! Your Theatre Manager TITLE PLAYERS SO'S YOUR OLD MAN Starring W. C. FIELDS. With Alice Joyce and Charles Rogers. Directed by Gregory La Cava. THE GREAT GATSBY Warner Baxter, Lois Wilson, Neil Hamilton, William Powell and Georgia Hale. Directed by Herbert Brenon. EVERYBODY'S ACTING BETTY BRONSON, Ford Sterling, Louise Dresser, Lawrence Gray, Henry Walthall and Raymond Hitchcock. Directed by Marshall Neilan. WE'RE IN THE NAVY NOW Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton. Directed by Edward Sutherland. THE CANADIAN Starring THOMAS MEIGHAN. Directed by William Beaudine. LOVE 'EM AND LEAVE 'EM Evelyn Brent, Louise Brooks, Lawrence Gray. Directed by Frank Tuttle. STRANDED IN PARIS Starring BEBE DANIELS. With James Hall and Ford Sterling. Directed by Arthur Rosson. Zane Grey's MAN OF THE FOREST Jack Holt, George Fawcett, El Brendel, Georgia Hale, Tom Kennedy, Warner Oland. Directed by John Waters. THE POPULAR SIN Starring FLORENCE VI DOR. With Clive Brook, Greta Nissen, Philip Strange, Andre Beranger. Directed by Malcolm St. Clair. LET IT RAIN Starring DOUGLAS MacLEAN. Directed by Eddie Cline. PARADISE FOR TWO Starring RICHARD DIX. With Betty Bronson. Directed by Gregory La Cava. THE POTTERS Starring W. C. FIELDS. Directed by Fred Newmeyer. BLONDE OR BRUNETTE Starring ADOLPHE MENJOU. With Greta Nissen and Arlette Marchal. Directed by Richard Rosson. GOD GAVE ME 20 CENTS Lois Moran, Lya de Putti, Jack Mulhall. Directed by Herbert T ONDON 'S"VV>/ -%,pOROTF iVilcox Old Ironsides "finest £aga of the £ea the £creen 3ias Ever Kjiown" U^. T. Telegram RARE fine entertain ment not to be missed!' says the N.Y. Eve.World. A James Cruze Production from the story by Laurence Stallings. With Wallace Beery, Esther Ralston, Geo. Bancroft, Charles Farrell. Metropolis ^(jw York a ^Hundred Tears f^rom !h(ow! A MYTHIC A' metropolis hundred years %c now as the setting a gripping, hu J drama! An UFA Production, directed by Fritz If ABOVE are two of many big Paramount product!' . of the coming season. These three and those in chart you can see now or very soon. Your Theatre Mi ager will tell you when. Hotel Imperial Tola ZNjgri's (greatest l^ole NOW Pola Negri climaxes her screen career in this thrilling story of love, danger and sacrifice. Produced by Erich Pommer, from the story by Lajos Biro. Directed by Mauritz T 1 Harold In Jlis Jjitest Qoinedy Cthc KID BROTHER; NOBODY thought he amounted to much, so when his Father, the sheriff, leaves town, Harold puts on the badge — just to show 'em — and how he does is the funniest thing in years! Produced by Harold Lloyd Corporation. A Paramount Release. Qlara Sow in It ^ajin Elinor Qlyn-Qlarence Hadger Traduction A SHOP girl wins her wealthy <• ployer! Why? Because shp 4-" i-V.* —