Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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□ piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM Contents Contfnue J IIMIIIIIIIilll>M The Screen in Review . A critical survey of the latest pictures. In and Out of the Studios .... Interesting snapshots picked up by the camera. A Confidential Guide to Current Releases . Helpful hints about all important films now showing. Hollywood High Lights . Pithy paragraphs of news from the movie capital. What the "Mc" in McAvoy Means . How May McAvoy gets such big salaries for herself. What His Sister Thinks of Richard Dix Josephine Dix gives us the low-down on Brother Dick. The Younger Set at Home . . . Photos of some of the stars in their picturesque home surroundings. If I Were a Man Norbert Lusk . 62 , . « . . 66 Edwin and Elza Schallert 70 Katherine Lipke . . 74 William H. McKegg . 83 84 86 Dorothy Wooldridge ^ Holly wood girls tell what they would not do if they were men. If I Were a Woman And the men tell what they would not do if they were women. Ladies at their Mirrors ...... ... What would they do without them ! Just an Average American Romney Scott Lloyd Hughes — just a wholesome, home-loving American youth. Fashions in Furs ....... ... Furry wraps for frosty days. . You Can't Keep a Good Man Down . . . Laura Ellsworth Fitch William K. Howard has proved it. Information/ Please . . . . . . . The Picture Oracle . 102 Answers to questions of our readers. 88 89 91 WHO BOUGHT THE INTIMATE POSSESSIONS OF RUDOLPH VALENTINO? L in on sale uie ttlm m soe present, would wen beloved, and that the proceeds "VY/HEN the treasures of the late star were placed Hollywood it was expected that all his friends colony, as well as those fans fortunate enouc bid for souvenirs of RuoV would \ --;--v > U1C greatly enrich his estate. And that is just what did happen, except that it was not a jostling, chattering crowd, but a subdued, almost reverential one — yet the prices paid for the furnishings of Rudy's home and for his horses and dogs were far below the value of the articles. Next month's Picture-Play will have an intensely interesting description of the auction, written by A. L. Wooldridge, whose keen observation permitted no detail to escape him. You will learn just who bought Rudy's things and how much wTas paid for them ; who will henceforth ride Firefly, the horse he used in "The Son of the Sheik," and why his clothing was bought by no one at all. OTHER ARRESTING FEATURES Picture-Play for April will keep up that pace which you have enjoyed in the past by including in its contents other remarkable stories. For example, there will be an authentic story of how Charles Ray's financial reverses have been met with calmness, selfsacrifice, and courage ; an unusual article dealing with various pairs of pals in Hollywood — how they first met and what makes them congenial ; another installment of "Film Struck," that gay novel of the movies, and so many other entertaining items that there is no space to mention them all. Just buy the April Picture-Play, and see for yourself.