Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

Record Details:

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Advertising Section, WO-REEL FEATURE COMEDIES— created by a genius of Laughs for fun-loving audiences, with players of proven popularity. For ten years Al Christie has been a consistent producer of* wholesome entertainment for the whole family. Ask at your favorite theatre when the next comedy produced by Christie will be shown— it's your guarantee of a well balanced program. serious" situation in a JIMMIE ADAMS COMEDY Scene from a BOBBY VERNON COMEDY, with a Scotch background. JACK DUFFY, in this CHRISTIE COMEDY, apparently did not knock before entering. An embarrassing moment, in a CHRISTIE COMEDY, featuring NEAL BURNS. Released through EDUCATIONAL FILM EXCHANGES, Inc. ANNE CORNWALL seems to be skating on thin ice in this CHRISTIE COMEDY. %L name Christie on Gbmedt/rs lib Sterling on Silver