Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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CALL it luck— Call it "bunk" — Call it anything you like — But these two and thousands of other Cooke Trained Electrical Men are earning this big pay. They earn from $3500 to $10,00© a year and the same road they took is open to you — Now! Why stick to your no-future $25 to $30 a week job when these thousands of men no smarter than you and with no previous experience are jumping ahead of you — easily earning two to four times what you earn, year in and year out? Electricity needs you. It has a place for you and thousands of other red-blooded, honest-to-goodness ~\ young fellows who mi wantareal job and REALMONEY and who have gumption enough to trade a little of their spare time for a chance to get it. Electricity is the world's greatest business. Over 750 million dollars are being invested in it every year. In the power house end of the industry alone, 15 thousand new and additional jobs were created last year. Electricity is an opportunity — a future — "Success" — for thousands of men. Will you risk two pennies for a stamp to find out what it will do for you? Chief Engineer Cooke has written a wonderful book about electricity, its opportunities for young men, and what these opportunities mean to you. It is printed in colors, has 64 pages and more than 100 pictures. It's the same book that Chief Engineer Cooke — The man who has trained and helped many thousands of other men into big pay electrical jobs in all parts of the world. Mail Coupon for his big free "Book of Facts" started more than ten thousand other men on the road to big pay. It's free — and it may help you like it helped them. Anyway send for the book and decide for yourself. No agent will call on you — no one will bother you and you won't be obligated in any way. What you do in the next minute may mark the turning point in your life. Mail the Coupon Now, to — L. L. Cooke, Chief Engineer L. L. Cooke School of Electricity Owned and Operated by Chicago Engineering Works INCORPORATED J1SO Lawrence Ave. Chicago, Illinois L. L. Cooke, Chief Engineer Dept. 443, 2 ISO Lawrence Ave., Chicago, Illinois I want the proof. Send me your free book on Electricity and other information regarding your training and employment service so I can decide for myself. I understand this is to be sent to me by mail — not by an agent. Name Address . City I State ...