Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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102 Information, Please CORREL TOP. — Well, Sorrel Top, I'm sorry, old top, but the chances for film success are discouragingly slim, even if you have made a success in amateur theatricals. There are already so many extras in Hollywood that the Central Casting Bureau, which furnishes players to all the studios, is refusing to register any more newcomers for the time being. Your best chance for professional success would be to go on the stage — stock or road companies first. Then, if you really have it in you to shine above the mob as an actor, it will eventual!}' come out. From the stage to the movies is not a difficult step. Sally Long is neither married nor engaged. She. is about nineteen, I think. Redhead. — Now, Redhead, you shouldn't look for your answers in "next month's Picture Play," because that's a wasted look. It requires several months to publish an issue of a magazine and get it distributed all over the countr . Herbert Rawlinson was born in Brighton, England, in 1885. He is married to Lorraine Abigail Long, and they have a daughter, Sail}' Ann, born in May, 1925. Herbert was formerly married to Roberta Arnold, well known on the New York stage. M. E. B. — Let you know what I look like ? Never ! I don't like to hurt my feelings by knocking myself in public. I don't know much — yet — about Gloria's new leading man, John Boles, except that he was on the stage and was "discovered" for the movies. Robert Agnew was born in 1899; yes, he is still unmarried. "If so, why?" you ask. Perhaps because May McAvoy is still unmarried also. He and she are frequently reported as engaged, but apparently haven't made up their minds about it. Eddie Polo announced his intention several years ago of taking a long trip around the world. I haven't heard of him since, so he's probably doing it. Erich Arnold is news to me. Eve of Arkansas. — I'm ever so grateful for your information, and would be glad of details about your other "discoveries." It's almost impossible to keep track of all the newcomers who make hits in small roles. L. C. or Lee Shumway (Leonard C. Shumway) was born in Salt Lake City in 1884, and attended the University of Salt Lake. He began his theatrical career in a stock company. I can't find the name of the old picture in which he and Eva Novak and George Chesbro appeared together. I believe Tullio Carminati played the title role in "The Bat." Yes, I remember Paul Willis, but he seems to have left the screen. ViN Duane. — "Dear Oracle — or Dear Picture," you address me. I may be an oracle, but "I ain't no picture !" Clara Bow was born in Brooklyn, July 29, 1905. Her screen career began when she won a film-magazine beauty contest. She is under contract to Famous Players. Jack Holt recently left Famous Players. Lois Wilson is free lancing at present. Dix Fan. — I'm sorry about the fan clubs which did not answer your letters. I've always suspected that some of those clubs are formed in moments of enthusiasm and abandoned after the novelty wears off. No, Richard Dix did not play in "Hungry Hearts" — Bryant 'Washburn had the male lead. There is a George O'Brien Athletic Club — Ralph Savy, president, 17 Edgewood Street, Stafford Springs, Connecticut. There's also another O'Brien club, with Mary Knapp as secretary — 94 East Fifth Street, Corning, New York. Jerry. — Thanks for the information that Barbara La Marr played in "St. Elmo" with John Gilbert years ago. I haven't heard anything of Louise La Grange since she played in "Shadows of Paris" and "The Side Show of Life." F. G. B. — Eve of Arkansas was kind enough to write me concerning Paddy O'Flynn, about whom you inquired. He was born in Pittsburgh, and grew up in Canada. He went on the stage when he was very young, and was recruited into the movies last year from vaudeville. He has brown, curly hair and blue eyes. A Brunette from Pittsburgh. — If all I hear about Pittsburgh is true, you're all brunettes there ! A French actress, Andree Lafayette, played the title role in "Trilby," with Creighton Hale opposite her. In "Penrod and Sam," Marjorie Jones was, played by Gertrude Messinger. Ben Alexander has been starring in a serial called "Scotty of the Scouts." Elinor Fair was born in Richmond, Virginia — she doesn't say when. She is married to William Boyd and can be reached at the De Mille studios. Her newest picture is "The Yankee Clipper." Elinor is five feet four inches, and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. Carmel Myers was born August 9, 1901 ; she is five feet three inches, and weighs one hundred and twenty-four pounds. Her latest films are "The DemiBride" and "The Understanding Heart." Miss Saucy. — So you'll dance at my wedding, in seven veils ! That seems hardly fair — no one would look at the bride and groom. Janet Gaynor was born in Philadelphia about twenty years ago, Olive Borden in Virginia. Olive is five feet two inches, and weighs one hundred and five pounds. Clara Bow is five feet three inches ; see Vin Duane. Louise Brooks comes from Wichita. Kansas; she is about twenty and is five feet two inches tall. Mary MacDonald. — Another Elinor Fair fan ! I believe Elinor was not married before, but William Boyd was formerly married to Diana Miller. I don't know whether he went to war or not. Jocelyn Lee is now under contract to Famous Players — address her at the Hollywood studio. Toseph Varhalak. — John Gilbert was born in Logan, Utah. July 10, 1895. As to the flower for his month, look it up in an almanac at your public library — I'm no authority on flowers. A Rudolph Valentino Fan. — I don't see how you can get an autographed photo of Valentino at this date, but perhaps United Artists, 729 Seventh Avenue, New York City, would send you an unautographed one. Be sure to inclose a quarter with your request. "The Eagle" was shown at the Strand Theater, New York City, more than a year ago. It would be impossible for me to keep a record of the bookings of pictures, with thousands of them making the rounds of the country. Alice Terry's hair is auburn ; she wears a blond wig in films. She has blue eyes. She was born in Vincennes, Indiana, and is in her late twenties. Ricardo Cortez gives his birthplace as Alsace-Lorraine. Kit Murray. — -Most unusual — a request for information about a "heavy." Most villains are like fat men — nobody loves them. John Miljan was born in Lead, South Dakota, and played in stock before his advent to the screen. His newest film is "A Million Bid," a Warner Brothers production. Continued on page 113