Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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Advertising Section 105 A Flapper Who Watches Her Step Continued from page 86 Constance talks easily, interestingly. She does not call you "dear" nor does she refer to her escort as '"my friend." Her ideas on marriage, birth control, and careers are uncommonly sound for one so young. Eventually, of course, we got onto the subject of moving pictures and I was surprised to find that she had not admired ]\Iady Christians in "The AYaltz Dream." She had, however, been fascinated by Willy Fritsch. '"He stands a good chance of becoming a great idol if he can survive the enthusiasm of our man-eating flappers," I observed. Constance raised her head and gave me a long, level look. *'I like flappers," said she. Here was an idea. Possibly Constance, with her quick mind and varied contacts, could offer a bit of flapper philosophy. "What do you think of modern youth?" I inquired. "Don't answer if it will incriminate yourself I" ''Why. I think young people, most of them, anyway, are splendid." Turning to the waitress she inquired. "How did that ice get in my water ?" Then: "Take my little sister, for an example. She is only a thirteenyear-old flapper, yet I feel confident that, if necessary, she could go out and earn her own living and take care of herself. She knows the value of money — she earned eighty-five dollars' on the Richard Dix set last summer. "A few years ago a girl of that age could not even begin to care for herself. Of course, a young girl out alone has to use discrimination in choosing her friends. The business of living, either in the movies or out, is no job for a weakling. Most of the men I have met have been gentlemen, and I don't understand all this talk about girls walking home from auto rides. I believe that if a girl respects herself she will be respected." I like Constance. Her clean, intelligent outlook on life is admirable. She had with her a little package of stockings with "runners" in them. ''I am taking them to be mended." said she. "It seems wicked to throw away stockings because of a small defect. I was taught economy." W hen the waitress came with the bill Constance asked gayly. "How many million dollars do I owe vou?" The last I saw of her she was swinging briskly up the street, a graceful and dignified little figure, breasting life with a shield of discrimination. A flapper, yes, but a flapper of the finest type. Ladies! Gef This Chiffon Hose and 3 Pieces ^Lin^rie Just think — all FREE to you! A pair of beautiful full fashioned extra quality silk chiffon hose AND three dainty, lustrous undergarments— bloomers, step-in, and vest. You select the hose in the size you wear and the shade you prefer. The lingerie is made of fine quality rayon and carefully tailored to fit figures 34 to 44. You can have these exquisite garments in delicate Orchid, alluring Nile or Flesh, or latest Peach. And don't forget, you pay nothing now or at any other time to obtain this valuable Big Four Combination. READ HOW EASY! All you do to obtain these charming garments and hose is to tell your friends about our famous, delicious Normandy Chocolates, and show our pocket-size, automatic salesman which we furnish free. See them all gather around you! Cain friends and popularity. A few spare hours, and the four pieces will be yours without a penny cost. How the BIG FREE Outfit is Made Hcoe made of highest quality chiffon silk. Colors: French Nude.Everglow, Piping Rock, White, Gun Metal, Flesh. Peachbloom. Lingerie of finest quality rayon. Colors: Orchid, Nile, Flesh, Peach. Just Mail I Your Name; To-day fill out this coupon J with the size and color of ■ hose and lingerie, and 8 mail to us. You Will re * . . . ceive full details of our J Address amazing plan, and also outfit — sent free. Home Supply Co.. Inc., Dept. L-610, 131 Duane St., New York City. Please send details of amazing plan, and FREE automatic salesman. I am not obligated. Name HOME SUPPLY CO. INC.; Dept. L-610, 131 Duane St., New YorK City Town State Kindly reserve without cost Big Lingerie, Size Shade Hosiery, Size Shade to beautiful proportions — while you sleep! fltllTPk HOSE flPJUSTER is SAFE, painless, comfortable. Speedy, permanent results guar i anteed. Doctors praise it. No] Gold Medal rnetal to harm you. Small cost. Won 1923 . "Write for FREE BOOKLET Befo^-aftm ANITA CO., Dept. F-90, ANITA Bldg., NEWARK, N. J. DARKENS and BEAUTIFIES EYELASHES and BROWS INSTANTLYFmake3 them appear naturally dark, long and luxuriant. Adda wonderful charm, beauty il and expression to any face. Perfectly H harmless. Used by millions of lovely women. Solid form or water-proor liquid. BLACK or BROWN, 75c at your dealer's or direct postpaid. | MAYBETJ.INE CO., CHICAGO A REWARD of 1000 Dollars for bald=headed and beardless An elegant growth of beard and hair can be produced when using Comos Hair Balsam during 8 days. This balsam causes hair and beard to grow on all bald-headed persons or persons with thin hair. "Comos" is the best product of the modern science of this domain, being the only balsam which really produces hair and beard even on persons of old age. "Comos" brings the dormant Papillae of the hair to grow again after having been used in a few days, and within a very short time you will have a very rigorous growth of hair. Harmlessness is guaranteed: if this is not true, we will pay to all bald-headed and beardless persons, or persons with thin hair who have used the Comos-Balsam for three weeks without any result. One parcel of "Comos" costs S5, — . two parcels cost S8. — . "Comos" gives to the hair and beard a becoming wave, as well as a soft and delicate texture. "Comos" is sent in a registered package against prepayment — money order, cheque or bank-notes (C. 0. D. impossible). THE COMOS MAGAZINE CO.. COPENHAGEN V. DENMARK. 7. (Europe). a net amount of 1000 Dollars