Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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Advertising Section 107 How Sojin Does It Continued from page 84 of false teeth. There was ever} kind imaginable. These, he explained proudly, were the main features of his wardrobe. His clothes were quite incidental, but the possibilities of teeth Sojin long ago sacrificed his original ones, so he is in a position to substitute any variety he wants. When he is given a part he makes a study of it. If he has no teeth that seem just to suit the character, he has new ones made. Then, if necessary, he care full}* breaks off one or two to give an expression of cruelty, avarice, or greed. When he wants to portray a comic character, he removes both upper and lower sets, and the result is all that could be desired. He sometimes has amusing accidents with his teeth. For instance, during the making of the storm scene in "The Sea Beast," when he was exultantly and wildly urging John Barrymore on to overtake the monstrous whale, while huge mountains of water were dashing over the bridge, Sojin became so chilled that he could scarcely go on, and John offered him a "wee drap" to warm him up. The Jap gratefully accepted and drained off the "warmer." But to his consternation, a few moments later one of his long tusks became verv loose. When he felt to see what was the matter, it came out entirely. The potent warmer had spoiled his make-up. So shooting was suspended while Sojin fastened the tusk back in place with a rubber band. In a scene in "The Lady of the Harem." he was required to eat figs — lots of figs. And every one knows how difficult dried figs are to masticate, even with the best of teeth. After eating just a few Sojin calmly went on with the rest of the scene. But the director thundered, "Eat more figs !" And in spite of the danger to his precious teeth, not to mention the enormous discomfort, he was forced to go on eating, until just the right effect was obtained. His costumes are worked out by the studio designer in conjunction with Sojin. When he was called upon to depict the wild, brutal coolie in "The Sea Beast," he needed a worn coat, full of holes. Not having one available, Sojin sat up all night devising one. He took a good coat and burned holes in it with a candle, rubbing the grease on the edges to make them appear old and naturally worn through. In each of his characterizations Sojin tries to bring an entirely new delineation to the screen. That he has been successful is attested to by his steadily growing list of triumphs. Mother Knows Best Continued from page 34 soubrettes, without striking any further chords in what might be christened a Symphony in Onyx, let it be said boldly that Olive has other virtues. She reads assiduously. Avidly, in fact, according to Sibbie. And mother knows best. "My, it's all I can do to just keep her away from her books," said Mrs. Borden, tenderly eying Olive. "After all, I always say there's nothing like books, is there?" I, too, was eying Olive. She was having difficulty in keeping her trim satin dress a legal distance below her knees. Satin, in its slipper}-, insidious way, slides, and who shall stop it ? But I did agree that there was practically nothing like books. It developed that Olive is one of our most industrious stellar bodies, having participated in no less than nine super-features — guaranteed by Fox — in the past fifteen months, taking time out for appendicitis, which is hardly to be considered an ideal vacation. "We've been in Florida for three weeks," began Olive. "Doing 'The Joy Girl,' " said Sibbie. "And we hope to go back to Hollywood by way. of the Panama Canal," added Olive patiently. "For the ride." "Don't you think that will be fine?" asked Mrs. Borden. We did not discuss acting in any of its many aspects, because Olive belongs to that happy group which is simply photographed and put up in tins for the trade. Whatever her role, her interpretation varies little. She may be in "Fig Leaves," or "Three Bad Men," or "The Joy Girl," it matters not a jot. She is always a pretty girl supplying heart interest and, if you must know, nice, wholesome sex appeal. Pictorially she affords a pleasant eyeful, and there are many who predict a bright future for Olive. She undoubtedly has plenty of future to look forward to, and with Sibbie at her elbow she will never want for guidance. If a mother's counsel is what a starlet needs, Olive has all that it takes. Skin Like Ivory! Now a New Kind of Facial Creme Brings Amazing New Results, or Your Money Back. Whitens Smoothes Banishes Reduces your skin out lines freckles pores Skin like ivory! 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