Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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Name ■ ■ | Street . City. . . . marvelous touches over with the idea that she was the daughter of a white man and a colored woman." Margarita Fischer, Pollard's wife, had some exciting but unpleasant experiences in the swamps of Mississippi, playing Eliza. "Those Natchez swamps are dreadful," she said. "I had malaria, and the mosquitoes were eating me up. I was never so desperate in my life. My husband and I never argue, but we did then. I said I would never work again " "Yes, she said I was a regular Simon Legrce," grinned Mr. Pollard. "Honestly, I was awfully sorry for her, but I knew I would never get such acting again, so I just made her go on. And we had to do those scenes over and over again." "And," went on Miss Fischer, "it was supposed to be winter, and there were supposed not to be any mosquitoes ! But the place was simply alive with them. The doctor stood with handkerchiefs, shooing them away from me while I acted — not just on my account, but for fear they might photograph ! And thank goodness, nothing shows in the picture but the agony. There's not a mosquito nor a mosquito bite visible. "I was really feverish with malaria. Yet it was funny, too," she smiled. "All the time those tragic close-ups of my face were being taken, the doctor was stooping down putting wet rags on my bare legs to keep the mosquitoes off." One incident occurred in the swamps that might easily have proved tragic. Frank Parrott, one of the assistants, rode on horseback through the swamp looking for some lost oxen that were needed in the picture, and his horse slipped and started to sink in the slough. But he was finally rescued. The company, having returned from location, is now working at the studio. The girls, Mona Rey and Virginia Gray, who are playing Topsy and Eva are not only perfect types, but are very clever little actresses as well. Mona Rey, who plays Topsy, is eighteen, but very tiny. She was engaged as a dancer in a movie theater when Pollard discovered her. One day she was visiting Universal City with her cousin, Judy King. Pollard caught sight of her, and sent for her, with the result that she now has the role of Topsy. "I am making several departures from tradition," said the director. "For one thing, Topsy has hereto fore been thought of merely as a little clown. Really she is a wonderful little character. Of course we are keeping the comedy in her role, but the pathos of her situation, her wit and her real power of loving will also be shown." Indeed, we saw Topsy do one scene that quite took the breath away, it was so effective. It was a scene in which she was taking a bath. She doesn't want to bathe and runs away. "I think she should be whipped," somebody says. "Yes'm," says Topsy obediently, and drops the towel from her shoulders to reveal deep welts already there ! Miss Rey has big brown eyes, mischievous and sorrowful by turns. If Pollard had looked the world over, he couldn't have found another girl more suited to Topsy. And then there's little Virginia Gray as Eva. We happened onto the set one day, and found everybody weeping. I think even the camera man was sniffing. For Little Eva was in the midst of her deathbed scene. Trite and muchabused as is this old scene, when you see it on the screen, you are going. I think, to forget that you have ever before seen Little Eva die. And there is Aunt Ophelia, beautifully played by Aileen Manning — not as a hokum character, but as a really fine woman. Arthur Edmund Carew is making a splendid George Harris, and Lucien Littlefield, as Marks the Lawyer, will fairly walk away with the picture if Pollard doesn't watch out. The director has stacks of books in his "Uncle Tom" research department. "One book is a key book," he said. "And here's an odd thing. I changed the story of Eliza somewhat, and months afterward, while studying this key, I found out that my version was right — that my Eliza was doing exactly the same things she did in the stories on which Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe founded her book. "Eliza and George Harris furnish the only love interest in the story, and I carry them right through the picture. I have her captured on the other side of the river, just as she is in the key book." Universal has spared no expense or pains in the making of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," and if Harry Pollard's earnest efforts count for anything at all, it should prove to be a great picture.