Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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Advertising Section 113 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Agents and Help Wanted Agents and Help Wanted Help Wanted— Male AGENTS — $60-$125 A WEEK. Free samples. Gold letters for stores and office windows. Metallic Letter Co., 428 N. Clark, Chicago. AGENTS: $10.75 Daily (In Advance) Spare time will do. Introduce 12 months Guaranteed Hosiery. 47 styles, 39 colors, for Men, Women. Children ; including latest "Silk to the Top" Ladies' Hose. No capital or experience needed. We furnish samples. Silk hose for your own use free. New Plan. Macochee Hosiery Company, Road 4506, Cincinnati, Ohio. POSTAL CLERKS — CARRIERS. $1,700$3,000 year. Men 18 — up. 25 coached free. Write immediately. Franklin Institute, Dept. K2, Rochester, N. Y. BIG MONEY AND FAST SALES. Every owner buys gold initials for his auto. You charge $1.50, make $1.35. Ten orders daily easy. Write for particulars and free samples. American Monogram Co., Dept. 170, East Orange, N. J. AGENTS — NEW PLAN, makes it easy to earn $50.00 to $100.00 weekly, selling shirts direct to wearer. No capital or experience needed. Represent a real manufacturer. Write now for Free Samples, Madison Manufacturers, 564 Broadway, New York. ALL Men, Women, Boys, Girls, 18 to 50 willing to accept Government positions $117-$250, traveling or stationary, write Mr. Ozment, 308, St. Louis, Mo., immediately. $100 WEEKLY representing large shirt company direct to wearer, wonderful opportunity for financial independence. Big commissions, easy to take orders. We furnish you with a Sales-Compelling outfit free. Write at once. Supreme Shirt Company, 278 Fifth Ave.. New York City. Financial ASSURANCE Trading in the Stock Market. How this is best obtained and how you can trade in 100 shares of stock for $150 to $225 is explained in our free booklet. Paul Kaye, 551 Fifth Ave., New York City. Help Wanted— Male MEN, GET FOREST RANGER JOB ; $125-$200 mo. and home furnished ; permanent ; hunt, fish, trap. For details write Norton, 249 McMann Bldg., Denver, Colo. MAKE MONEY IN PHOTOGRAPHY. Learn quickly at home. Spare or full time. New Plan. Nothing like it. Experience unnecessary. American School of Photography, Dept. 1405, 3601 Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Help Wanted — Female $75 WEEKLY. Man or Woman Wanted with ambition and industry, to distribute Rawleigh's Household Products to steady users. Fine openings near you. We train and help you so you can make up to $100 a week or more. No experience necessary. Pleasant, profitable, dignified work. Write to-day. W. T. Rawleigh Co., Dept. N Y 5353, Freeport, 111. EARN $10 DAILY silvering mirrors, plating, refinishmg metalware, headlights, chandeliers, bedsteads. Outfits furnished. Decie Laboratories, 1135 Broadway, New York. $2.00 AN HOUR for pleasant introductory work among local families. Exceptional opportunity. Write American Products Company, 9258 Monmouth, Cincinnati, O. $75.00 WEEKLY TO INTRODUCE "Chieftain" 3 for $4.05 Guaranteed Tailored Shirts. Full working outfit Free. Your own shirts Free. Cincinnati Shirt Company, Lane 1925, Cincinnati, Ohio. $6 — $18 A DOZEN decorating pillow tops at home, experience unnecessary ; particulars for stamp. Tapestry Paint Co., 110, LaGrange, Ind. Patents and Lawyers PATENTS. Send sketch or model for preliminary examination. Booklet free. Highest references. Best results. Promptness assured. Watson E. Coleman, Patent Lawyer, 724 Ninth St., Washington, D. C. INVENTIONS COMMERCIALIZED. Patented or unpatented. Write Adam Fisher Mfg. Co., 223, Enright, St. Louis, Mo. MEN wanting forest ranger job ; $125$200 month, nice cabin. Hunt, trap and patrol. Write for list National forests. Rayson, Dept. B-30, Denver, Colo. EARN $120 to $250 monthly, expenses paid as Railway Traffic Inspector. We secure position for you after completion of 3 months' home-study course or money refunded. Excellent opportunities. Write for Free Booklet, CM-28, Stand. Business Training Inst., Buffalo, N. Y. Detectives Wanted MEN — Experience unnecessary ; travel ; make secret investigations ; reports ; salaries ; expenses. Write American Foreign Detective Agency, 114, St. Louis, Mo. 66 MILES ON 1 GALLON. Amazing New Vapor Humidifiers and Gas Saver. All Autos. 1 Free to introduce. Critchlow, C-131, Wheaton, 111. DETECTIVES EARN BIG MONEY. Great demand. Excellent opportunity. Experience unnecessary. Particulars free. Write, George Wagner, 2190 Broadway, New York. ^ ! -i!!' .iM :i !' ;:m ' " ! ' :!;:■ !|: !MM! ij1 MM' i ! i ' / : ■ , i i ' : ; : ; ! I i : ■ , ! illi'^ Ml ■:Mi:il|M ^ ■ !;; ! I ! i 1 1 1 1 . M ! I . ! n : , , 1 1 : 1 1 i : : ■ ! 1 1 ! ' MM Mill ilM. iui'" ■ :|HM: ; ^ ! ! i I i : : ! 1 1 ' : ! i 1 1 ; ' ' ! I i i i :MI, 'MM , 1 1 1 1 . ' I ! I ' ; 1 1 1 I Ever Read M |^ JL %^ JLX.J. M~ji*J • Exciting I In the June Voyage, on Sale May 15th, will be j j SECRET CARGO \ | By J. Allan Dunn j I A tale of the South Seas j THE DUCHESS OF DIJON | By T. Jenkins Hains | 1 IN OUR BAY | | By J. H. Greene | 1 Storm and disaster in the harbor j J In this issue will also be stories by Warren Elliot Carleton, A. Hyatt Verrill, Lee Willenborg, J | Gladwell Richardson, and other writers well known to our readers. g Illllllllllllllllllllllilllllllli