Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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She Hired a Convict as Her Chauffeur Just in the nick of time "Smiler" Carey came out of nowhere to rescue the beautiful Anne Carfax from an attempted holdup. And for reward, Anne took him on as her chauffeur. At the same time she took on a series of stirring adventures that are set forth in dramatic manner in MASQUERADE By William Morton This is a CHELSEA HOUSE book, which means that it is the best of good reading Chelsea House books are low in price but high in fiction quality. They are for sale at your dealer's for 75 cents apiece. Ask him to-day for MASQUERADE and other CHELSEA HOUSE titles or write for full list to 75 Cents fHELSEA MOUSE 75 Cents 3LZ2*M-L 79-89 SEVENTH AVE. NEW YORK CITY