Picture-Play Magazine (Mar-Aug 1927)

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Advertising Section 3 They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play h ARTHUR had just played "The /A Rosary." The room rang with applause. I decided that this would be a dramatic moment for me to make my debut. To the amazement of all my friends, I strode confidently over to the piano and sat down. "Jack is up to his old tricks," somebody chuckled. The crowd laughed. They were all certain that I couldn't play a single note. "Can he really play?" I heard a girl whisper to Arthur. "Heavens, no !" Arthur exclaimed. "He never played a note in all his life. . . . But just you watch him. This is going to be good." I decided to make the most of the situation. With mock dignity I drew out a silk handkerchief and lightly dusted off the piano keys. Then I rose and gave the revolving piano stool a quarter of a turn, just as I had seen an imitator of Paderewski do in a vaudeville sketch. "What do you think of his execution?" called a voice from the rear. "We're in favor of it !" came back the answer and the crowd rocked with laughter. Then I Started to Play Instantly a tense silence fell on the guests. The laughter died on their lips as if by magic. I played through the first few bars of Liszt's immortal Liebestraume. I heard gasps of amazement. My friends sat breathless — spellbound ! I played on and as I played I forgot the people around me. I forgot the hour, _ the place, the breathless listeners. The little world I lived in seemed to fade — seemed to grow dim — unreal. Only the music was real. Only the music and the visions it brought me. Visions as beautiful and as changing as the wind-blown clouds and drifting moonlight that long ago inspired the master composer. It seemed as if the master musician himself were speaking to me — speaking through the medium of music — not in words but in chords. Not in sentences but in exquisite melodies ! A Complete Triumph! As the last notes of the Liebestraume died away, the room resounded with a sudden roar of applause. I found myself surrounded by excited faces. How my friends carried on! Men shook my hand — wildly congratulated me — pounded me on the back in their enthusiasm ! Everybody was exclaiming with delight — plying Pick Your Instrument Piano Organ Ukulele Cornet Trombone Piccolo Guitar Hawaiian Steel Guitar Sight Singing Piano Accordion Voice and Speech Culture Harmony and Composition Drums and Traps Automatic Finger Control Banjo (5-String, Plectrum and Tenor) me with rapid questions. . . "Jack ! Why didn't you tell us you could play like that?" . . . "Where did you learn?" — "How long have 30U studied?" — "Who was your teacher?" ''I have never even seen my teacher," I replied. "And just a short while ago I couldn't play a note." "Quit your kidding," laughed Arthur, himself an accomplished pianist. "You've been studying for years. I can tell." "I have been studying only a short while," I insisted. "I decided to keep it a secret so that I could surpise all }~ou folks." Then I told them the whole story. "Have you ever heard of the U. S. School of Music?" I asked. A few of my friends nodded. "That's a correspondence school isn't it?" they exclaimed. _ "Exactly," I replied. "They have a new simplified method that can teach 3-ou to play any instrument by note in just a few months." How I Learned to Play Without a Teacher And then I explained how for years I had longed to play the piano. "It seems just a short while ago," I continued, "that I saw an interesting ad of the L". S. School of Music mentioning a new method of learning to play which only cost a few cents a day ! The ad told how a woman had mastered the piano in her spare time at home — and without a teacher! Best of all, the wonderful new method she used required no laborious scales — no heartless exercises— no tiresome practising. It sounded so convincing that I filled out the coupon requesting the Free Demonstration Lesson. "The free book arrived promptly and I started in that very night to study the Demonstration Lesson. I was amazed to see how easv Violin Clarinet Flute Saxophone Harp Mandolin 'Cello it was to play this new way. Then I sent for the course. "When the lessons started I found it wao just as the ad said — as easy as A. B. C. ! And, as the lessons continued they got easier and easier. Before I knew it I was playing all the pieces I liked best. Nothing stopped me. I could play ballads or classical numbers or jazz, aU with equal ease ! And I never did have any special talent for music !" ****** Play Any Instrument You, too, can now teach yourself to be an accomplished musician — right at home — in half the usual time. Tou can't go wrong with this simple new method which has already shown almost half a mUlion people how to play their favorite instruments. Forget that oldfashioned idea that you need special "talent." Just read the list of instruments in the panel, decide which one you want to play and the U. S. School will do the rest. And bear in mind no matter which instrument you choose, the cost in each case will be the same — just a few cents a day. No matter whether you are a mere beginner or already a good performer, you will be interested in learning about this new and wonderful method. Send for Our Free Booklet and Demonstration Lesson Thousands of successful students never dreamed they possessed musical ability until it was revealed to them by a remarkable "Musical Ability Test" which we send entirely without cost with our interesting free booklet. If you are in earnest about wanting to play your favorite instrument — if you really want to gain happiness and increase your popularity— send at once for the free booklet and Demonstration Lesson. No cost — no obligation. Bight now we are making a Special Offer for a limited number of new students. Sign and send the convenient coupon now — before it's too late to gain the benefit of this offer. Instruments supplied when needed, cash or credit. U. S. School of Music, 536 Brunswick Bldg., New York City. U. S. School of Music, 536 Brunswick Bldg., New York City. Please send me your free book "Music Lessons in Tour Own Home," with introduction by Dr. Frank Crane. Demonstration Lesson and particulars of your Special Offer. I am interested in the following course: Have you above instrument? < Name (Please write plainly) Address City State