Picture-Play Magazine (Sep 1928 - Feb 1929)

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Are you prepared for the BEST? NOW YOU must key your standard of screen enjoyment to a higher level. Get ready to revel in such scenes as you never dreamed films could accomplish. Expect great things of "The Divine Lady" — then prepare to have this masterpiece exceed your expectations. A romance so glorious it made an unknown author— E. Barrington — famous overnight — her book a sensational best-seller A love-affair that scandalized the courts of Europe and changed the destiny of nations, now lived again for you And massive spectacle when scores of flaming frigates come to death-grips in the famous battle of Trafalgar. When you see "The Divine Lady" you will see a step forward in picture art And you'll see it soon. A Unl notional Picture Takes the Guesswork Out of "Going to the Movies"