Picture-Play Magazine (Sep 1928 - Feb 1929)

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Advertising Section 3 se Talking Shorts /^Really Features Elaborately Produced at FOX Movietone City Napoleon's Barber HORSE and other famous Fox productions no., lor tbe first time, lets you Uis actors in this play by Arthur Caesar. Packed «»H w>t "^H makes you tingle vu« 1-^U_— =t nwK ' an obscure | citement as an thel^^^ I barber almost sm» ^ IWi^^ tyrant Beware/ ftl cut you \ par & ea^ Charles (Chic) Sale has given a TmTircb^cteri,a^roftheman.hoUneW Lincoln in Marching On Directed by Marcel Sd.er *TelIine f^out M^jnc^Gi^^a Bf" TiiMH>iiiiiiif||lp 1 '"^^Hiiiiiiiii111," I *wM 111 » '*THi What an actor thi s Chic Sale turned out to THEY'RE COMING J" GET ME, THE STAR ^1^, NESS and THE LA" MAN. Glark&McCullough . _ ,.u«ns on the and" It Be# Pardon-Is this* baivth e^^ed? Wfc?/ «Sr SOUND WAVES Saying? FOX MOVIETONE is the ONLY perfected talking film. The Sound Waves are photographed right on the celluloid and you therefore hear You never nearu funnier picture than The Bath Between 'SvIewTW HONOR and see them too. ONLY absolutely "life like" sounds. Ask your neighborhood theatre when these Fox Movietone entertainments will be shown. FOX MOVIETONE