Picture-Play Magazine (Sep 1928 - Feb 1929)

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; -3 1928 miB mi ■iiiiiiim Picture Play Volume XXIX CONTENTS FOR JANUARY, 1929 Number 5 The entire contehts-of this magazine are protected by copyright, and must not be reprinted without the publishers' consent. What the Fans Think 8 Our readers express their convictions in no uncertain terms. Under the Mistletoe Bough .15 Charles Rogers and Mary Brian show how to have a Merry Christmas. Born to Comedy — The S'ory of Fazenda . Elza Schallert . .16 The character and career of Louise Fazenda are sympathetically portrayed. The Prodigal Returns Margaret Reid . . 20 Talking pictures bring Pauline Frederick back. Oh, Those Hollywood Parties! .... Alma Talley . . .22 A highly humorous account of a memorable night. Roughnecks Preferred Myrtle Gebhart . . 25 William Boyd scorns the very heroes that have made him popular. If Wishes Come True .27 What certain Christmas trees may hold. Over the Teacups The Bystander . . 28 Fanny the Fan talks first and thinks between times. No Walking Home Here : . . . .32 Pictorial evidence of Hollywood's traffic problem. Unveiling Olive's "Past" . .-. . . . Madeline Glass . . 34 It is as interesting as Miss Borden's present. Favorites of the Fans . . . . ... . . . .35 Full-page portraits in rotogravure of eight popular players. Jetta Steps Down— But Not Out . . . William H. McKegg . 43 Miss Goudal relinquishes stardom with a smile. Manhattan Medley . .... Aileen St. John-Brenon 44 A bright chronicle of New York's movie news. The Home Dolores Built Margaret Reid . . 48 The Del Rio residence is visited with enthusiasm. A Modest Chap Myrtle Gebhart . .51 Will Cornelius Keefe object to this interview? The Stroller Carroll Graham . . 52 Ironic commentary on vagaries of the movie colony. Texas Guinan Pans Hollywood . . . A. L. Wooldridge . . 54 Is the night-club hostess' bark worse than her bite? Hollywood High Lights ..... Edwin and Elza Schallert 56 Authoritative news and gossip of the studios. Continued on the Second Page Following Monthly publication issued by Street & Smith Corporation, 79-89 Seventh Avenue, New York City. Ormond G. Smith, President; George C. Smith. Vice President and Treasurer; George C. Smith, Jr., Vice President: Ormond V. Gould, Secretary. Copyright, 1928, by Street .t Smith Corporation, New York. Copyright, 1928, by Street & Smith Corporation, Great Britain. Entered as Second-class Matter, March 6, 1916, at the Post Office at New York. N. Y., under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Canadian subscription, $2.8(5. Foreign, $3.22. YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION, $2.50 SINGLE COPIES, 25 CENTS ALL MANUSCRIPTS MUST BE ADDRESSED TO THE EDITORS We do not hold ourselves responsible for the return of unsolicited manuscripts.