Picture-Play Magazine (Sep 1928 - Feb 1929)

Record Details:

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Advertising Section %t comedy WHO IBrrTTmn T it 3$ a.»r.et* **** Pat^ot.^ Cities afl "* the *** 'Sin See «>; f«e P.„, £'< :n ' it! -IV j 1> n, ***** as Pi C<* of >f,?V -Ace-:*? to dra*: dto »^*Ce>-.«>»*c --"a^ We nt ^iie' . ill to\es ilk 7, si/, * -ft ; &ian> eOf. j or 1** Oye'5 dSe° t\e 3 v Hull, 'tOs^j, ..I V.I 4ri, S. elect your motion picture entertainment on the basis of "who's in it?" and again your answer is Paramount — more stars, greater stars than any other company! <J But always remember — the important thing in selecting a picture is not " who's in it?" but "who made it?" Not one of these names, nor all of them together is as great as Paramount — the name that stands for the highest quality in motion picture entertainment. Silent or in Sound — "if Ws a Paramount Picture it's the best show in town! Paramount AKAMOUNT FAMOUS LASKY CORPORATION TRADE wtC^^if w MARK ADOLPH ZUKOR, PRES., PARAMOUNT BLDC, IS. Y. C.