Picture-Play Magazine (Sep 1928 - Feb 1929)

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Advertising Section Gtj$udiences are saying if, Everywhere ; At last, PICT U RE S that TALK like LIVING PEOPLE/" Vitaphone Talking Pictures are electrifying audiences the country over! For Vitaphone brings to you the greatest of the world's great entertainers . . . Screen stars! Stage stars! Opera stars! Famous orchestras! Master musicians! Vitaphone recreates them ALL before your eyes. You see and hear them act, talk, sing and play — like human beings in the flesh! Do not confuse Vitaphone with mere "sound effects." Vitaphone is the ONE proved successful talking picture — exclusive product of Warner Bros. Remember this — if it's not Warner Bros. Vitaphone, it's NOT the real, life-like talking picture. Vitaphone climaxes all previous entertainment achievements. See and hear this marvel of the age — Vitaphone. BROS. a WAitNEH PICTURE its Vfl¥APHONE