Picture-Play Magazine (Sep 1928 - Feb 1929)

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Advertising Section 9 He carit play ... turn on the radio they all shouted '1ST but my revenge was sweet "OW that everyone is here, let's tune in on a good station and get some snappy dance music." Olive Murray was full of pep as she adjusted the dials of her radio. " Shucks," she said as she discovered someone making a speech. " Let's try another station." But there wasn't a note of dance music on the air. " Something like this Would happen the night of my party," she moaned. " Never mind, there'll be a -good orchestra on at 10:30." You could see disappointment written all over the guests' faces. Suddenly I bucked up my courage and took Olive aside. "What's the piano closed for?" I asked. " Why not? No one here plays. I only wish somebody could play, though." " I'll try to nll_ in for a while, Olive." "You're joshing, Dick! You never played before at parties." "That's right, Olive, but I'll play tonight," I assured her. I could tell she didn't believe me. For as she announced that I was to entertain with some piano selections I caught her winking to one of the fellows. And what a roar the crowd let out when I sat down. "He can't play," called out a voice good-naturedly from the rear. " Let's turn on the radio and listen to the speeches." " Sure," added one of my friends, " I know that he can't tell one note from another. It's all a lot of Greek to him. How about it, Dick?" I said nothing. But my fingers were itching to play. _ " Give him a chance," said Olive, " maybe he can play." Pick Your Instrument Piano Organ Ukulole Cornet Trombone Piccolo Guitar Hawaiian Steel Guitar Sight Singing Piano Accordion Voice and Speech Culture Drums and Traps Automatic Finger Control Banjo (Plectrum, 5-String or Tenor) A Dramatic Moment That settled it. There was no maybe about it. I played through the first bars of Strauss' immortal Blue Danube Waltz. A tense silence fell on the guests as I continued. Suddenly I switched from classical music to the syncopated tunes from " Good News." Every one started to dance. Pep was once more in order. They forgot all about the radio. But soon, of course, . they insisted that I tell them all about my new accomplishment. Where I had learned . . . when I had learned . . . how? The Secret " Have you ever heard of the U. S. School of Music?" I asked. A few of my friends nodded. " That's a correspondence school, isn't it?" they exclaimed. " Exactly," I replied. " They have a surprisingly easy method through which you can learn to play any instrument without a teacher." " It doesn't seem possible," someone said. " That's what I thought, too. But the Free Demonstration lesson which they mailed me on request so opened my ey es that I sent for the complete course. " It was simply wonderful — no laborious scales — no heartless exercises — no tiresome practising. My fear of notes disappeared at the very beginning. As ■the lessons came they got easier and easier. Before I knew it I was playing all the pieces I liked best." Then I told them how I had alwavs longed to sit Violin Clarinet Flute Saxophone Harp Mandolin 'Cello clown at the piano and play some old sweet song — or perhaps a beautiful classic, a bit from an opera or the latest syncopation — ■ how when I heard others playing I envied them so that it almost spoiled the pleasure of the music for me — how I was envious because they could entertain their friends and family. " Music was always one of those nevercome-true dreams until the U. S. School came to my rescue. Believe me, no more heavy looking-on for me." Half a MUIion People Can't Be Wrong! Tou. too, can now teach yourself to be an accomplished musician — right at home — in half the usual time. Tou can't go wrjng with this simple new method which has already shown over half a million peonle how to play their favorite instruments. Forget that oldfashioned idea that you need special "talent." Just read the list of instruments in the panel, decide which one you want to play, and the TJ. S. School will do the rest. And bear in mind no matter which instrument you choose, the cost in each case will average the same — iust a few cents a day. No matter whether you are a mere beginner or already a good performer, you will be interested in learning about this new and wonderful method. Send for Our Free Pook and Demonstration Lesson Our wonderful illustrated Free took and our Free demonstration lesson explain all about this remarkable method. Thev nrove just how anvone can learn to play -his favorite instrument by note, in almost no time and for just a fraction of what old slow methods cost. Head the list, of instruments to the left, decido which you want to plav. and the TT. S. School of Music wilt do the rest. Act NOW. Clio and mail this coupon today, and the fascinating free book and Demonstration Lesson will he sent to you at once. No obligation. U. S. P'-bnol of Music, 531 Brunswick Bldg.. New York City. (Please mite plainly.) U. S. School of Music. 531 Brunswick Bldg.. New York City. Please send me your free book, "Music Lessons ia Tour Own Home," with introduction by Dr. Frank Crano. Demonstration Lesson and particulars of your easy payment plan. I am interested in the following course: Have , you above instrument? Name. Address City '. ......State: