The Picture Show Annual (1954)

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These two photographs were taken at the Royal Com- mand Film Performance on October 27th, 1952. Left : Her Majesty the Queen being greeted by Mr. Charles Penley, manager, on her arrival at the Empire Theatre. His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh is seen at the left, and Princess Margaret is just alighting from the Royal car. Below : Queen Elizabeth is seen shaking hands with Gene Kelly, who was one of the galaxy of film stars who attended. Mervyn Johns is seen in the centre of the photograph, and Evelyn Keyes on the right. <7? j <P Komi Irem ms t 1 P^ILM Premieres are always exciting, but they become gala occasions when the proceeds for the per- formances are for some good cause and Royalty attends. Such a one is the yearly Royal Command Film Performance, in aid of the Cinematograph Trade Benevolent Fund, which since its inauguration in 1946 has been graced with the presence of the Royal Family. The latest of these functions was the first in the reign of Her Majesty The Queen. The film was" Because You're Mine.” It was held at the Empire Theatre, London. The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Margaret attended. The Premiere of the United Artists film Limelight, starring