The Picture Show Annual (1954)

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Charles Chaplin with Claire Bloom, was held at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, on October 16th, 1952, ■where it had a 13-week run before going on general release. The gala performance was in aid of the London Society for Teaching and Training the Blind. It was attended by Princess Margaret. The Premiere of RKO Radio's Samuel Goldwyn film Hans Christian Andersen was held at the Carlton Theatre, London. It was in aid of the Scottish Veterans’ Garden City Association. The film ran at this cinema for 12 weeks. Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attended the Premiere Gala performance on December 19th, 1952. For these occasions the cinema theatre is profusely decorated with flowers (those for the latest Royal Command Perform- ance came from all parts of the world). On the arrival of the Royal party a bouquet is presented by a little child of one of the stars in the picture. The audience, numbering nearly everyone of note in films, including British and visit- ing film stars, arrive in their cars. There are exquisitely gowned women, gleaming and glimmering in silks and satins and flashing with jewels, accompanied by men in white ties and tails of full evening dress. Outside the cinema, too, hours before the Royal party is due to arrive, the crowds gather to cheer when they catch a glimpse of their favourite star who is to attend this gala performance. In good time before the film is due to start, a succession of cars travel slowly down the street. And then the greatest cheer of all is heard as the Royal car arrives. No one who has ever attended one of these gala performances will ever forget the thrill of this occasion. Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret attended the world premiere of " Lime- light." In the background can be seen Mr. Jack Palmer, general manager of the cinema. The Duke and Duchess of Glou- cester attended the European premiere of “ Hans Christian Andersen " at the Carlton Theatre. Here you can see the Duchess of Glou- cester, the Duke of Gloucester, Mr. Bob Wolff and Mr. Tony Reddin.