All the Kings Men (Columbia Pictures) (1949)

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“BEST PICTURE’? AWARDS ALREADY WON BY “‘ALL THE KING’S MEN’’ (We suggest some of them be spotted in your advance advertising.) “BEST PICTURE OF YEAR” —Winner, Annual Award N. Y. Film Critics “BEST FILM OF THE YEAR” —San Francisco Drama Critics “Most Exciting Film This Year” —Life Magazine “Year’s Best Picture” —Washington Star “Rates All Osears for Year” —tLos Angeles Daily News “Best Film of the Year” —Washington Post “Picture of the Month” —Redbook Magazine “Picture of the Month” —Seventeen Magazine “The Man’s Movie of the Month” —Esquire Magazine ve ° Movie of the Month” —Motion Picture Magazine (Fer additional quotes, see page 5a of the pressbook ad section.) "All The King’s Men” Hailed as Best Film of Year By Nation’s Newspaper and Magazine Critics ‘All The King’s Men,” rated the best of the year by the nation’s magazine and newspaper critics, opens .......OS a at the __.......... Theatre. Based upon the Pulitzer Prize novel by Robert Penn Warren, the Columbia picture has received more critical applause than any film in recent months. The New York Film Critics Circle, composed of all the critics in that city, awarded “All The King’s Men” its “best picture of the year” accolade, and named Broderick Crawford, who is featured in the film, as the best actor of the year. Mercedes McCambridge, also in the picture, was a runner-up for the “best actress” title. Others in “All The King’s Men” are Joanne Dru, John Ireland and John Derek. Robert Rossen wrote the screen play, directed and produced the picture for Columbia. In addition to their united acclaim, the New York film critics separately chose “All The King’s "Best Film of Year" To Open Here Soon Rated the “best picture of the year” by the New York Film Critics Circle, Columbia Pictures’ “All The King’s Men” opens.... a | a Theatre. Broderick Crawford, whose work in the film won him the New York Film Critics’ “best actor” award, heads the featured cast which also includes Joanne Dru, John Ireland, John Derek and Mercedes McCambridge. The honors accorded the Robert Rossen production based upon Robert Penn Warren’s Pulitzer Prize novel, “All The King’s Men,” have been repeated in every city in which the picture was shown, and in the magazines. Rated "Best Actor' Best actor of the year in the best picture of the year, according to the New York Film Critics Circle, Broderick Crawford opENS): oi cals Theatre in Columbia Pictures’ ‘All The King’s Men.” A Robert Rossen production based on the Pulitzer Prize novel by Robert Penn Warren, “All The King’s Men” also features Joanne Dru, John Ireland, John Derek and Mercedes McCambridge. Men” for their ‘‘ten best” lists, in many cases rating it as “best” of the ten films chosen. Newspaper critics throughout the country similarly have chosen “All The King’s Men” for top ‘BEST bo se FROM COAST TO COAST! "Best picture of year." "Most exciting film this year." "Year's best picture." "Rates all Oscars for year." honors, with the Los Angeles Daily News asserting the film “rates all the Oscars of the year,” and the Washington Star calling it “the year’s best picture.” Magazine critics have been equally laudatory. Life Magazine rated “All The King’s Men” as “the most exciting film this year,” Redbook, Seventeen, Esquire and Motion Picture all have named the film “the picture of the month.” = =— ae Winner, Annual Award N.Y. Film Critics Life mag. Washington Star ee ee ee Oe es ee ee ee i ee eee L.A. Daily News COLUMBIA PICTURES presents ROBERT ROSSEN'S PRODUCTION of —_ Based upon the Pulitzer Prize Novel “All The King’s Men’ by Robert Penn Warren Broderick CRAWFORD Joanne DRU John IRELAND debe DEREK Mercedes McCAMBRIDGE Written for the Screen and Directed by ROBERT ROSSEN Order this special 40” x 60” from your nearest National Screen Service exchange for prominent display in your lobby well in advance of playdate. Move it out front during your run of “All The King’s Men.” Printed in U.S.A.