Bodyhold (Columbia Pictures) (1949)

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with Willard PARKER ; tota ALBRIGHT Hillary BROOKE Allen JENKINS ;, A COLUMBIA PICTURE Written by George Bricker * Directed by SEYMOUR FRIEDMAN « Produced by RUDOLPH C. FLOTHOW 60-Line Ad Mat No. 202—2 Cols. x 30 Lines EXPLOITATION== WRESTLING CONTEST: Using Still Nos. 11 (ill.), 17, 38, 42, 44, 45, 51 and 52, conduct a "Bodyhold Amateur Wrestling Contest" in which contestants, recruited through notices on gymnasium bulletin boards, publicity releases, lobby boards and throwaways, compete for a "'Bodyhold Trophy." Elimination contests and the main affair should be held at a local gymnasium or sports arena. Representatives of the local press and radio should be in attendance during all the bouts for possible news and photo breaks. Be sure to get frequent picture mention. SPORTS PAGES: Arrange for a sports page review of your film, plus a series of stories on local wrestling, famous professional wrestlers, etc. A special screening for sports writers, editors and reporters should prove helpful. Sports writers should be interested in the fact that five wrestling greats are included in the cast of "'Bodyhold." They are Ed "Strangler" Lewis, Billy Varga, Sammy Menacker, "Wee Willie" Davis and "Bomber" Kulkovich. ONE-SHOT CONTEST: Promote a one-shot newspaper or radio contest in which entrants are required to name the sport involved in the following movies: "The Stratton Story" (baseball); “Knute Rockne, All-American" (football); 'Champion" (boxing); "The Return of October"’ (horse racing); and "Bodyhold" (wrestling). Award guest tickets to the first ten winners. ’ MAGAZINES: Arrange with the local magazine distributor to snipe his wrestling and sports publications with copy reading: "Sports fans! Dressing room secrets of the wrestling game are exposed in Columbia's "Bodyhold,"" coming Friday to the State Theatre." 15-SECOND RADIO SPOT: "Extra! Extra! Wrestling racket exposed! That's right, sports fans, 'Bodyhold' reveals for the first time the innermost secrets of the wrestling game. See 'Bodyhold,’ a Columbia picture, coming this Friday to the State Theatre." * + ° + ° . o ° + ° + ° ¢ ° ° ¢ ° ° ° ° + ° ° o + + ° ° ° + ° ° ° + + ° + + ° ° ° ° « ° ° ° ° ° ° ° + ° ° + ° + + ° + + ° ° ° + ¢ ° + + + + ° ° + ° . + + * ? ° + + ° ? + + + + + ° ° ° * ° + ° . + ° . ° . . + . . + ? + . ¢ o . ° ° + + ° o + ° ° ° ° ° ° * ° . * . o ° ° + o ° | « + . o . * rs + Utility Ad Mat No. 204 CAST and CREDITS Tommy Jones Willard Parker | Mike Kalumbo Henry Kulky Mary Simmons Lola Albright Azusa Assassin......""\Wee Willie’ Davis Flo Woodbury Hillary Brooke Gus Strotz Matt McHugh Slats Henry Allen Jenkins © Chuck Hadley George H. Lloyd Charlie Webster Roy Roberts Kitty Cassidy Ruth Warren Gordon Jones _ Professor Weaver Ray Walker Sammy Menacker Commissioner Harley Killer Cassidy Frank Sully John R. Hamilton Sir Raphael Brokenridge..John Dehner Terre Haute Terror Ken Ackles Marvelous Milton Billy Varga _ Referee Ed (Strangler) Lewis Written by George Bricker; Directed by Seymour Friedman; Assistant Director, Fred Briskin; Directors of Photography, Henry Freulich, A. S. C., Philip Tannura, A. S. C.; Art Director, George Brooks; Film Editor, James Sweeney; Set Decorator, Sidney Clifford; Musical Director, Mischa Bakaleinikoff; Sound Engineer, Jack Goodrich; Produced by Rudolph C. Flothow. A Columbia Picture. STORY (Not for Publication) When Pat Simmons (Gordon Jones), heavyweight wrestling champ, wants a cut of promoter Charlie Webster's (Roy Roberts): business, Webster decides the wrestler has outgrown his usefulness to his stable. Webster orders a trusted member of his troupe to "take care" of Simmons and, in a vicious match, Simmons is hurled out of the ring and crippled. Tommy Jones (Willard Parker), a husky plumber, becomes involved in an altercation with one of the wrestlers while fixing a radiator in Webster's gym and tosses him on his ear with ease. Webster, witnessing the incident, decides to groom Tommy as the next champ and Webster's flashy girl friend Flo Woodbury (Hillary Brooke) coaxes the erstwhile plumber to become the star member of the wrestling combine. Meanwhile, pretty Mary Simmons (Lola Albright), sister of the injured ex-champ, is convinced that her brother has been the victim of Webster's treachery, but she gets nowhere with her accusations. Even Tommy makes light of her claims. When Flo throws him over, Tommy takes up with Mary and learns that her brother has no money for an operation that may restore him to health. Tommy forces the promoter to stage a championship bout with himself as one of the principals, with the proceeds to go to the ex-champ. Tommy wins. Webster is apprehended attempting to make off with the receipts and Simmons is installed as the new wrestling czar. Tommy, with Mary as his bride, gives up the sport to return to the plumbing business. (Running Time: 63 Minutes)