Casino Royale (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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CHARLES K. FELDMAN presents A FAMOUS ARTISTS PRODUCTION LTD Starring AMONG OTHERS: URSULA ANDRESS L ie IS TOO MUCH... a WELLES DALIAH LAVI FOR ONE WILLIAM HOLDEN JAMES BOND! CHARLES BOYER JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO GEORGE RAFT JOHN HUSTON and Co-Starring GABRIELLA LICUD! TRACY REED TRACEY CRISP KURT KASZNAR ELAINE TAYLOR ANGELA SCOULAR plus a Bondwagon full of the most beautiful and talented giris you ever saw! Produced by CHARLES K. FELDMAN and JERRY BRESLER Directed by JOHN HUSTON, KEN HUGHES, VAL GUEST, ROBERT PARRISH, JOE McGRATH Screenplay by WOLF MANKOWITZ JOHN LAW, MICHAEL SAYERS Suagested by the lan Fleming novel Music Composed and Conducted by BURT BACHARACH PANAVISION® TECHNICOLOR® ALLL A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE GS JAMES BOND MOVIE! CHARLES K. FELDMAN’S CASINO SEE THE NEW Hear the CASINO ROYALE theme music played in the film by HERB ALPERT and THE TIJUANA BRASS and on the Colgems L.P. Soundtrack Album. Ad No. 401—580 Lines—4 Cols. x 1034 Inches Also Available as Ad No. 502—905 Lines—5 Cols. x 127g Inches (See Page 2) Also Available as Ad No. 601—1302 Lines—6 Cols. x 15!/ Inches SEE THE NEW JAMES BOND MOVIE! Fab PANAVISION ® TECHNICOLOR® ACOLUMBIAPICTURES RELEASE [| | | ° | FURS A, VE Mes | Ad No. 208—102 Lines—2 Cols. x 35 Inches Page 6 CHARLES K. FELDMAN’S CASINO ROYALE IS TOO MUCH... FOR ONE JAMES BOND! — .. = BS ahh Also Available as Ad No. 802—2320 Lines—8 Cols. x 2034 Inches Also Available as Ad No. 307—300 Lines—3 Cols. x 7!/g Inches MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION