Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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“THE BOOK Avon Books, one of the world's largest distributors of paper back books, is publishing a novelization by Evan Lee Heyman of the story of the picture, with full credits on the front and back covers. Avon is planning cooperation with theatre playdates via jobbers and representatives around the country. Here's how to benefit from this important book promotion: e Work with Avon Books distributor on truckside posters, newsstand tack cards, window streamers and point-of-sale ma terial which plugs both the book and the film, with theatre and playdate credits. ¢ Contact the local distributor or jobber as soon as playdate is set and arrange for co-op promotions, presentation of books to media VIP's, first women on line opening day and as prizes in contests. e Put copies of the book on sale in theatre lobby or at concession stand, well in advance of opening. e Have torn pages of the book posted on a 40 x 60 with ribbons leading to scene stills illustrating the action. e Contact all book outlets in town and offer scene stills and credit placard for special window displays. e Separate pages of a book, imprint picture-theatre-playdate credits in red ink via rubber stamp, and distribute away-from-theatre as widely as possible. = Boost James Coburn James Coburn won top star stature in motion pictures as the result of his performance in "Our Man Flint."’ Let his fans know he's coming to town in "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round," as a con man perfectly capable of charming any girl into helping him rob a bank! e Work with newspaper or television show ona stunt leading to VIP treatment to the resident bearing closest resemblance to the star. e A deejay could sponsor a contest, with guest ticket prizes to listeners sending in postcards naming Coburn's previous films. e Have a large postcard addressed to Coburn on an easel in the lobby, with room on the message side, under copy, to be signed by patrons. Copy may be : ''We Loved You in 'D. H. O. A.M. G. Rw" e Any people named Coburn living in town? Invite them all to see the picture. Check for possible relationship, and make sure of newspaper and broadcast attention. A number of stills from the picture offer excellent tie-up possibilities. Still No. EK 102 shows James Coburn and Camilla Sparv in a snow scene wearing winter clothing, which may be used for clothing store windows, travel agencies plugging trips for the winter, heating equipment, etc. Camilla Sparv is pictured using a Polaroid camera in Still No. EK 43, an opportunity for camera store tie-ups, including demonstrations at the theatre. Trans World Airlines figure importantly in the story and their planes appear in several scenes in the picture. Use Still No. EK 54 for spots at air terminals and travel bureaus. Famous fashion model Camilla Sparv, who co-stars in the picture, is posed in several costumes in Still Nos. EK Pub. 9, EK Pub. 13, EK Pub. 25 and CS I1. They should find ready acceptance in all department stores and specialty fashion shops. VOTE FOR THRILLS! James Coburn "gets his kicks," in the film, out of his avocation, robbing banks, using his romantic appeal only to further his criminal activities. Many people get their thrills in other ways, such as parachute diving, mountain climbing, hunting, auto racing, etc. Have a dee jay sponsor a contest to find the top thrills enjoyed by five or more town residents, via postcards describing their adventures. They could also participate in a panel discussion, on radio or TV, describing the thrilling moments. LOBBY MAP Post a large map of the United States in the theatre lobby with ribbons from four cities, scenes of James Coburn's escapades in the picture, to scene stills of the story action. The cities are: Denver, Boston, Los Angeles and Tucson. In conjunction with the display, offer guest tickets to the first ten or more local residents born in one of these cities who furnishes proof at the boxoffice. Sell ‘Dead Heat’ With a Con Man! When vas the last time you arranged—with newspaper, radio or television coverage—for a personable, and glib young man to peddle $1-bills on the street, for 89 cents or thereabouts? The stunt costs a few pennies, comparatively speaking, but the publicity can be tremendous, and all of it can be keyed to James Coburn's characterization as a con man. RAFFLES STUNT James Coburn plays a con man who changes identities as fast as he changes the areas in which he operates, an ideal excuse for the always-popular "Raffles Stunt," if it has not been worked in your community for some time. Simply arrange for newspaper, radio or television personality to announce his intention of being in a specific area at a specified time; anyone approaching him and saying, ‘Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round,’ State Theatre, Friday'’ wins a guest ticket. With newspaper sponsorship, persons doing the identifying might be required to have in their possession a current edition. DANCE STUNT Internationally-famous belly dancer Tanya Leman demonstrates her talents in a scene in "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round," which can cue a contest to find local girls who are expert in the Middle East dance technique. Arrange for a contest on your stage, or preferably on a TV program, with votes for the top three performers chosen by audience or viewers. If there's a former belly dancer in town, or a professional, arrange for interviews and possibly an instruction class for aspirants to be covered by news photos. FIND ELI KOTCH! James Coburn's screen name in the picture is Eli Kotch, which can spark a contest to find localites whose first name is Eli, or whose last name is Kotch, and offering them admission tickets as Coburn's guests. Those coming to the boxoffice for their tickets must provide some proof of their name, such as a driver's Iciense, Social Security Card, etc. SHOE SALESMAN One of the several characters James Coburn portrays in ''Dead Heat on a Merry-GoRound," is that of a salesman in a fashionable shoe store. Make a pitch to those similarly employed in your town inviting them to a screening of the film as James Coburn's guests of honor. With the cooperation of a local deejay, have the shoe salesmen interviewed on their experiences with customers such as: Did they ever meet anyone interesting? What was the biggest shoe they ever sold? The smallest? What was their funniest experience? Are today's short skirts embarrassing? etc. Page 9