Dont Raise The Bridge Lower The River (Columbia Pictures) (1968)

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; COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents in his bowler, his cutaway and his bumbershoot! / & On a tb a rain > THE RIVER" en regia hs AWALTER SHENSON PRODUCTION co-starring JACQUELINE PEARCE BERNARD CRIBBINS od J ERRY-THOMAS Screenplay by MAX WILK from his novel “Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River” Produced by WALTER SHENSON Directed by JERRY PARIS TECHNICOLOR® Cie) @| > Ad No. 402—456 Lines—4 Cols. x 81/g Inches The Credits The Cast Produced by Walter Shenson; Directed by Jerry Paris; Screenplay by Goorge Letter. 66... Jerry Lewis Six-Eyes Wiener ................ Harold Goodwin Max Wilk from his novel, "Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River"; H. William Homer ................ Terry-Thomas Rie si: Bee ee Richard Montez Associate Producer, Leon Becker; Director of Photography, Otto HelPamela Lester ................ Jacqueline Pearce Bearded Arab .oo......0.000000..... Henry Soskin ler; Art Director, John Howell; Production Manager, Basil Rayburn; POG DAVIES moo)... as Bernard Cribbins Portuguese Chauffeur ................ Al Mancini Film Editor, Bill Lenny; Music Composed and Conducted by David Lucille Beatty ................ Patricia Routledge DIGS gon ee eee John Moore Whitaker; Title Song Lyrics by Hal Shaper; Sung by Danny Street; Dudley Heath .................. Nicholas Parsons Zebra Man ..... 3. Se ae John Barrad Miss Pearce's Wardrobe designed by Maxine Leighton; Camera Di NR ar ee os Michael Bates RUGS Robert Lee Operator, Godfrey Godar; Assistant Director, Doug Hermes; ConMe. Mlarirord 5. cc Colin Gordon Chinese Telephonist ............ Francesca Tu tinuity, Eileen Head; Sound Editor, Jeanne Henderson; Make-Up, 2 Aha | | Sanaa satay ines John Bluthal Bannigh: ......,.:20 See Colin Douglas Harry Frampton, Benny Royston; Hairdresser, Joan Telfer; Wardrobe Pindos: Nurse <.32-.occ55. Sandra Caron MASGGNSO 5.5507..5 ttaas a Alexandra Dane Co-Ordinator, Gabriella Falk; Wardobe, Jean Fairlie, Charles Guerin; Spink’s Nurse: «0... Margaret Nolan Portuguese Waitress .............. Nike Arrighi Sound Recordists, Ken Ritchie, Nolan Roberts; Set Dresser, Pamela Fern Averback ................. Pippa Benedict Baseball Umpire |...................... Jerry Paris Cornell; Choreography, Leo Kharibian. A Walter Shenson Production. Technicolor®. A Columbia Pictures Release. Official Billing COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents The Story JERRY LEWIS (Not for Publication) George Lester is an American get-rich-quick operator in London whose grandiose operations inevitably go awry; cn he would rather raise the bridge than lower the river. When his British 4 wife, Pamela, learns he has converted her ancestral home into a DON'T RAISE THE BRIDGE, LOWER THE RIVER 100% Chinese discotheque, she demands its immediate restoration. To raise A WALTER SHENSON PRODUCTION 35% the money, George works with Willy Homer, another conman, in selling to Arabs the plans for a new electronic oil drill stolen by George Co-startitig from Dudley Heath, Pamela's new boy friend. George smuggles the ; : : eee S : JACQUELINE PEARCE BERNARD CRIBBINS 50% plans to Lisbon via unsuspecting airlines stewart Fred Davies. As final delivery is to be made, Willy learns they are being doubleand TERRY-THOMAS 75% crossed. Followed by Pamela, George races to Lisbon where he faces Screenplay by MAX WILK. from his novel "Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River" 35% considerable Arabian hostility. Pamela reveals to George, when she finally learns what George has been doing, that the electronic drill was Produced by WALTER SHENSON 35% faulty, anyway. Safely disentangled from his various problems, Directed by JERRY PARIS 35% George promises Pamela he will settle down . . . just as Willy comes along with a brand-new get-rich-quick scheme! Running Time: 99 Minutes TECHNICOLOR® 25% Page 6