Dont Raise The Bridge Lower The River (Columbia Pictures) (1968)

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RADIO-TV PACKAGE ... Lewis’ NBC-TV Show! Millions of viewers heard Jerry Lewis plug “Don Raise the Bridge, Lower the River" on hi§ Tuesday evening NBC-TV network show, April 16th. Work with the NBC-TV outlet in your territory on whatever can be arranged that is mutually-beneficial. And, of course, be certain that your playdate of ''Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River" is plugged whenever a Jerry Lewis film is being telecast! Personalities Interviews! ® Jerry Lewis! e@ Producer Walter Shenson! plus @ Featurette Interview—with Jerry Lewis and Terry-Thomas! Check the radio stations in your territory! These interviews, by Dick Strout, are being aired by almost 850 stations via Strout's "Hollywood Profiles’ program. If these "Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River" interviews have been broadcast locally, arrange for re-broadcasting with your credits. If they have not yet been heard, and station wants to use the interviews disc, order it FREE, direct from: Dick Strout, Inc. P. O. Box 907, Beverly Hills, California TV Trailers Four color television spots, sock-selling Jerry Lewis and ''Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River"! One 60-second spot, two 30-second spots, one 10-second spot—all you need for all-out audience excitement! Order from National Screen. Radio Spots! Rich with the comedy and excitement of the film itself! One 60-second spot, one 30-second spot, one |0-second spot! For use all day long! Order Radio Spots from National Screen Service. YOUR THEATRE SCREEN! Theatre Trailer! The fun of the film... plus the mod excitement of London! In color, of course. Order regular Theatre Trailer from National Screen. THE BOOK Originally published by Simon & Schuster, Max Wilk's novel, ‘Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River" is currently available as a paperback, published and distributed nationally by the Berkley Publishing Corp. Distributors and jobbers throughout the country will cooperate in local tie-ins. Con-Man Bally! Jerry Lewis plays a get-rich-quick con man in "Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River.'' Send a man dressed as a staid Englishman—dark suit, boutonniere in lapel, carrying an umbrella and wearing a bowler hat and monocle—around town asking passersby in an English-accented voice if they would be good enough to purchase his dollars for 89c. His sales pitch can be that he's trying to make an easy buck, as Jerry Lewis does in, etc. Be sure of madia coverage. ‘Bridge’ Approach Arrange for signs to go up on the approaches to every bridge in the territory, reading: ‘Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River."' Pedestrians and motorists, as they leave the bridge, see a second, matching sign: ‘'It's Jerry Lewis' New Comedy, State Theatre, etc.'' Where drawbridges or other types of span hold up traffic, street bally might march by the waiting cars with a picket sign which carries picture title; he hands out leaflets or heralds, of course. London Angles London, England, provides the background for many of the scenes in Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River.'' Play up the English angle in your promotion of this new Jerry Lewis comedy. Store Tie-Ins Furnish stills for displays in stores sell Coins of the Realm Check local coin collectors and banks for examples of British currency, to be displayed in a lobby case with appropriate credits. In this connection, post an offer of three dollars to be paid for a limited number of English ing merchandise of British manufacture, such as clothing, including Carnaby Mod styles, woolens, etc. Radio Promotion Teaser Trailer! For happy, effective use before the regular theatre trailer is programmed, and for cross-plugging. Order Theatre Teaser Trailer from National Screen. Other Sell-Aids TELOPS: Information about telops, styles and prices, may be obtained by writing direct to: OO Title Card Co., 247 W. 46th St., N. Y., N. Y. 10036. NATIONAL FLAG: Streamer, $21.50; De Luxe Sectional Valance, $2.15 per running foot — minimum length, 10 feet; Usher Badges, 50c; 9' x 12' Flags or Wall Banners, single-faced, $80., doublefaced, $145. Order from National Screen. Accessories Order From National Screen e SIX SHEET e HI-RISE STANDEE ° ce sig ° TEASER TRAILER s e RADIO SPOTS : hema és ° X OU, x OU, e TV TRAILERS 24 x82, 30x 40 ph obs STILL SETS e EIGHT II x 14's g (Color and B/W — Color, e WINDOW CARD for lobby and store dise UTILITY MAT plays; B/W stills for newse TITLE DISPLAY paper planting) pounds turned in at the boxoffice. Boxoffice Stunt aie wearing monocles. Herald! Printed in black and red—inside pages, single color —on quality white or on news stock! Four 81/, x 5!/, pages, with ample room for theatre imprint on back page, which also carries ad for this happy new Jerry Lewis comedy. IMPRINTING This cost in addition to cost of heralds, 4 lines of type each 4" long. First 1,000, $5.00 : Additional thousands $3.50 per thousand Extra copy 40c a 4" line FOLDING $2.00 per thousand Per Thousand $8.85 (quality stock}—$7.50 (newsprint) SHIPPING We ship small orders by Parcel Post Special Delivery and bill you for postage charges unless you specify otherwise. Large orders can be shipped by truck if there is sufficient time. Send Imprint and Paper Information When You Order Direct From: HARRY K. McWILLIAMS ASSOCIATES 151 Lafayette St., N. Y., N. Y. 10013 Phone: (212) 925-5013 ee Offer guest admisions to the first ten or more people coming to the theatre Have a disc jockey's representative passersby: "Jerry Lewis weighed 12 stone in England while filming ‘Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River.’ How many pounds is 12 Stone?" The answer is 168 pounds. Jerry Lewis Plant Jerry Lewis stills from the film in windows .. . Hold a Jerry Lewis imitation contest, on TV or the theatre stage. . . Disc jockey can offer prizes to listeners sending in postcards with Lewis' previous film titles. .../f there's anyone named Jerry Lewis in town, invite him to opening show... A newspaper contest can have readers matching some of the many characters portrayed by Jerry Lewis in his pictures. Titles of the films are on the left with the characters played on the right. Mix-match them before planting in a newspaper. "The Sad Sack" Soldier Ladies’ Man" Houseman "It's Only Money" TV Repairman "The Patsy" Bellhop "Boeing Boeing" News Reporter "The Big Mouth" Bookkeeper "Visit to a Small Planet'' Outer Space Man "Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River."' Wheeler Dealer PRINTED IN U.S. A.