Dr Faustus (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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THE MOST DISTINGUISHED STAR OF THE SCREEN TODAY... in a brilliant new characterization as the legendary Faustus, ! who sold his soul to the devil fora woman. | | COLUMBIA DO ty we Gr ® BURTONS FAL TUS PRODUCTION ot > RICHARD BURTON THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY DRAMATIC SOCIETY Also Starring FLIZABE TH TAYLOR Music Composed and Conducted by MARIO NASCI M BEN E Adapted for the Screen by N EVI LL COGH | LL Produced by RICHARD BURTON ang RICHARD McWHORTER : Ad No. 401—532 Lines—4 Cols. x 9!/ Inches All advertising material in this pressbook, as well as all Picture Association of America. All inquiries on this pro other newspaper and publicity material referred to << > cedure may be addressed to: Director of Code for therein, has been approved under the Standards for MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION Advertising, Motion Picture Association of America, OF AMERICA Advertising of the Code of Self-Regulation of the Motion 522 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10036. All distributors subscribing to the code are pledged to include the seal, and the Suggested for Mature Audiences when required in their advertising. Exhibitors are urged to retain the seal (shown above), in approved ads. Keep the Suggested for Mature Audiences tag prominently displayed when indicated. This is particularly important today. National research has proven that the majority of movie-goers want this guide. Page 2