Dr Faustus (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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-NHASSTAMPED FAUSTUS FF COLOR, MOOD AND force...a vivid screen image! Ifa viewer had ‘ht conclude it was conjured up especially William Wolf, picture all the way!” ora or [TON’S PERFORMANCE MONIC FIRE AND SOARS JF HIS VOICE! Marlowe’s wordless ath Taylor) has been expanded to embrace hat beset Faustus. Mephistophilis has but to materializes, the embodiment of fleshly dee settings handsome and the musical score tches the Marlowe poetry!”-s27,k72"".., L MOVIE PRODUCTION! hrough handsomely. with distinction, and g to be intrigued by ypears in several ‘us. Her principal beautiful, and ‘““FAUSTUS-A BIG, SPLASHY SPECTACLE" —Wanda Hale, New York Daily News * “A picture that will be projected again and again and a again in your mind’s eye long :* after you have seen it!” —Allan Jefferys, ABC-TV COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents AOS ONS PRODUCHON ot MARIO hee (5 ‘SBURTON THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY DRAMATIC SOCIETY ELIZABETH veg Ad No. 403—520 Lines—4 Cols. x 91/4 Inches “BURTON'S PERFORMANCE BURNS WITH FIRE!” —Saturday Review “VISUALLY BEAUTIFUL AND ADAPTED WITH DISTINCTION!” Additional Quotes Above May Be Found On the Mat for Ad No. 104 %, (“A TOUR-DE-FORCE...A VIVID. SCREEN IMAGE!” | COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents THE BURTONS' PRODUCTION ot Ad No. 104—35 Lines | Col. x 21/4 Inches Page 5