Dr Faustus (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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OPENING ACTION! Shown here, the crowds awaiting the arrival of “Doctor Faustus” opening night celebrities. Below, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are almost lost in crush. Ditto, the cameramen and commentators! LAUNCHED WITH THE SHOWMANSHIP EXCITEMENT THAT WORKS ON ‘DOCTOR FAUSTUS’ PLAYDATES! BZ BURTON-TAYLOR INTERVIEW 8 TELEVISION EXCITEMENT! Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor met the press, radio and television in an hour-long question-and-answer, and picture-taking, session that made Page One news around the world, and was carried by the radio and television networks. You can use local newspaper coverage of the event for an advance-and-current lobby 40° x 60"! @ GALA BENEFIT OPENING! In New York, the benefit opening was in behalf of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy's theatrical training program. Naturally, it attracted the celebrities whose names made news, and whose presence attracted the movie fans! You can work a benefit opening im your own community! BE ‘FAUSTUS’ ART CONTEST For full details. see Page 6 of this pressbook! New York's WPIX-TV, covering the American premiere of ''Doctor Faustus'’, caught the activity outside the theatre as fans sought a glimpse of ''Doctor Faustus" stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton! Television coverage-radio and newspaper. too!=of “Doctor Faustus”* benetit Planning can lead to spectacular fan interest! EB OTHER COLLEGE ACTIVITY! More than 20 college newspapers and eight college radio stations in the New York area participated in the fiveweek ''campus” promotion which preceded the American premiere of ‘Doctor Faustus."' Focal point of the campaign was the college student discount ticket plan, with special discount coupons incorporated in college newspaper ads and emphasized in the special radio spots prepared for campus radio. For full details. see Page 9 of this pressbook! Page 7