Dr Faustus (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

Record Details:

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‘Doctor Faustus’ Recording Angel Records is distributing a recording of ''Doctor Faustus" based on the Oxford University stage production which preceded the film version. Members of the Oxford University Dramatic Society, many of whom later flew to Rome to make the film with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, are heard on the Angel record, along with Richard Burton who played the title role in Oxford as he does in the motion picture version. e Go after window and in-store displays with all record outlets. Furnish scene stills from the picture and playdate credit placards and work on mentions in the stores’ newspaper, radio and television advertising. e Promote albums from the distributor as gifts to newspaper, radio and TV personalities, and as contest prizes. Albums should also be presented to high school and college English and drama classes and local libraries. e Record albums make especially effective supplementary material for store windows, bulletin board postings and book displays in libraries and stores. See if local records distributor has a quantity of spare album covers for you to distribute around town for this purpose! ¢ Work with educators on "Doctor Faustus" classroom performances and discussion, prior to attending the film in a group-sales basis. Dramatic clubs and dramatic societies might find a similar use for the album. e Arrange for special broadcasts of brief speeches from the film, supplemented by some of the "Faust" music suggested at right. Illustrated here, as they were exhibited in the lounge of the Baronet Theatre, where the film played its spectacular premiere New York engagement, are two of the winners in New York University's ‘Doctor Faustus'' Art Contest." This is a stunt which can be worked by almost any theatre playing "Doctor Faustus.” Participating in the New York competition were students and faculty members from the Creative Arts Division of NYU's School of Education. They created paintings based on the film's theme, the "seven deadly sins." Page 8 Taylor and Burton! Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are the screen's most glamorous couple. Burton's appearance in "Doctor Faustus," with Miss Taylor also starred, can be a unique movie-going experience, just as the film is a unique showmanship experience. "Doctor Faustus'' can attract a considerable audience, pre-sold by the past performances and vast appeal of its stars. The Taylor and Burton names demand important attention throughout your campaign, even as you concentrate on reaching your community's social, cultural and educational elements who will find in "Doctor Faustus"’ much to discuss and to enjoy. Promote Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as individual stars, and the Burtons as a team. Faust Musie for ‘Faustus’ A considerable number of albums and records can be tied-in with the "Doctor Faustus'’ music and radio promotion, and may also be used in music tie-ups in schools and elsewhere. Albums and records are those of operas based on the Faust legend, or arias from those operas, sung and played by some of the greatest personalities in the world of music. Faust-themed operas were written by Gounod, based on a play by Goethe; by Busoni, Berlioz, Spohr and d'Herve. Liszt wrote both the "Mephisto Waltz'' and the "Faust Symphony,"’ and Wagner the “Overture to Faust," all of which also have been recorded and may be available locally. Music store windows showing albums of this nature, along with stills and poster material from the picture, could be helpful. In addition, of course, go after special promotion with radio's more serious musical programs, as well as discussions in classrooms and by music appreciation groups. ‘Doctor Faustus’ Art Contest Entries in seven categories—Pride, Lechery, Envy, Avarice, Wrath, Sloth and Gluttony—were submitted for judging by a distinguished panel of New York art critics headed by Prof. Irving Sandler, formerly of the New York Post and now an NYU faculty member. Other judges included Dr. Howard Conant, chairman of the Department of Art Education, and Gilbert Stone, who did a number of paintings on the "Doctor Faustus'' set while in Rome on a Washington National Art Gallery Prix de Rome Scholarship. A $50 United States Savings Bond was awarded to the best student entry in each of the seven categories.