Dr Faustus (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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Group Ticket Sales Drive "Doctor Faustus'’ can be an important attraction for those organizations which, for fund-raising or other reasons, purchase blocks of tickets. At the same time, a theatre's group ticket sales operation does more than increase ticket sales via the organization route. Everything that is done to publicize group ticket sales automatically brings the picture to the favorable attention of more and more people. There are two reasons for group ticket sales: better business and expanded publicity. Both should be kept in mind. In addition to promotion of the picture directed at your area's schools and colleges, there are numerous organizations in and around your city which should be actively involved. These societies and groups can prove invaluable in supporting your engagement of "Doctor Faustus" through ticket sales, membership mailings, word of mouth, their own media publicity, etc. As early as possible in your campaign, contact various national organizations that have operating branches in your situation, as well as all other business, social, fraternal and cultural groups. Initial con The names and addresses of the staff officers of the organizations in your area may be obtained through the offices of your Chamber of Commerce, newspaper editors and the local telephone directory. One of these groups may wish to buy out the theatre, perhaps for the opening night show. For this purpose, the organization should be offered the house at scale with the price of the individual tickets set as high as they wish when offered to their own members. Other than opening nights, group sales rates might be offered for a complete theatre sell-out. Work with the organization's public relations staff in publicizing the event on radio and TV, in the newspapers, through their office mailings and promoting the picture in general. e Plant stories in your newspapers as soon as an organiza tion makes a group purchase and provide a list of their VIP's who will be present. e Offer publicity stories and scene mats for publication in house organs, club papers, as mail inserts, etc. e Arrange for photo coverage of the Mayor or other VIP receiving a ticket as quest of honor of the organization mak tacts might be made by mail, with phone and in person follow-ups. ing the group purchase, posing in front of a poster Full-Scale School Campaign Book Promotions Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare were both born in 1564. Bookstores and libraries should have one or another edition of Marlowe's ''Doctor Faustus," as well as his other plays, biographies, commentaries on his work, etc. In addition, of course, there is certain to be a considerable number of volumes devoted to that period in British history in which both Marlowe and Shakespeare wrote and flourished. Go after displays of these books, supplementing them with scene stills and poster art. Also, print locally a "Read the Play-See the Film" bookmark, using a pressbook ad mat, for distribution through libraries — public, school, college, military installation, etc. Advance Screening Arrange an advance screening of "Doctor Faustus" for the educational authorities, organization heads, opinion-makers and influential personalities of your community, including leaders of the clubs and associations you want to interest in the group purchase of tickets. The Mayor or other important social or cultural luminary might be the honorary host for the event which, of course, should be covered by photo and news reporters, columnists, radio and TV people. Try for taped interviews with the V.I.P.'s following the screening, for later broadcast and for "quote" ads. Aim a full-scale promotion of "Doctor Faustus" at the schools and colleges of your community, their teachers, students and administrators. This brilliant screen version of a literary and theatrical classic can readily be recognized by educators as a supplement to their own classroom efforts .. . by administrators (where block or group tickets sales are possible) as a means of obtaining additional income for a school team or other campus project ... and by the students as a grand and colorful motion picture entertainment. ¢ Go after the all-out approval of the principals, deans, Education Board officials, etc., of all public, parochial and private schools. e Furnish all your contacts with announcement cards for bulletin boards, posters and stills from the picture, the ticket group attendance application forms, mats and other publicity for student papers. e Offer guest admisions to teachers who would manage all the details such as distributing the tickets, collecting the money, notifying the theatre when they plan to attend and chaperoning the group at the show. In addition to the "best" review at each school, chosen by English Dept. chairmen as suggested at right, educator might head a panel of judges for the best reviews in the city, with awards being given at a special, well-publicized affair at your theatre or a school assembly attended by civic dignitaries, PTA members, etc. School Notice With Board of Education approval and support, send a quantity of mimeographed forms for ticket applications, and placard notices for school bulletin boards, outlining your Special Shows for Students. Copy, which can easily be adapted for use in factories, business organizations and club mailings, might be along the following lines: To All Students: Bi ewer Theatre has made special arrangements for reduced-rate tickets to groups of students and faculty members who wish to attend a showing of RICHARD BURTON in “DOCTOR FAUSTUS” also starring ELIZABETH TAYLOR Tickets will be available for group student attendance on the following days at the listed PIRIOS 8-5 piprace phe eee For complete details, including information on regular matinee and evening prices, please consult (Names of Faculty). Student Reviews Work with educators in a student contest, with high schools and college students writing reviews of ''Doctor Faustus."' Publicize the contest as part of your school promotion, in the newspaper and on radio programs. Reproduce winning reviews, with the names of the winners at each school, on a lobby board, and in school newspapers. ATTENTION, STUDENTS! Special Discount Admission Prices for all college students! Fill out the coupon at right and present at boxoffice! NAME Ronan nny ‘ COLLEGE STUDENT DISCOUNT COUPON This coupon, when properly filled out with your name and school, is good for the special student discount rate at all performances of DOCTOR FAUSTUS except Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. STUDENT PRICE: Matinee performances $1.00 This coupon must be exchanged at the boxoffice. SCHOOL Evening performances $1.50 | ! | | | | | College Student Discount Coupon is shown here as it was used in the New York college papers with Ad No. 401. Page 9