Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

Record Details:

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Scuttlebutt, the Talking Duck, Says: “EVERYTHING’S ALL SET FOR ‘EVERYTHING’S DUCKY’” ST TT HM Md WM Lt COLOR COMIC-PAGE PRE-SELL! Hitting every major theatre situation in every section of the nation, reaching more than one out of every three people in the United States .. . with special concentration on the 10 to 34-year age bracket (your prime prospects!) . . . that’s what's scheduled via the pre-selling color comic-page ads in the following papers: Pittsburgh P.-G. & 5.-T. Portland Oregonian San Antonio Light San Francisco Examiner Seattle Post Intelligencer St. Louis Globe Democrat St. Petersburg Times Syracuse Herald American Washington Post Wichita Eagle Beacon Youngstown Vindicator Harrisburg Patriot News Houston Post Long Island Press Los Angeles Examiner Miami Herald Milwaukee Sentinel Newark Star Ledger New York Journal American New York Mirror Orlando Sentinel Philadelphia Bulletin Akron Beacon Journal Albany Times Union Baltimore American Birmingham News Boston Advertiser Canton Repository Charlotte Observer Chicago American Dallas Times Herald Detroit Free Press Ft. Worth Star Telegram |||) 0 Re Reem Ree RR RR Dell Comic Book! Stills from “Everything's Ducky” on both covers, with heavy credits and heavy promotion by Dell. Network TV Campaign ...Fun-filled trailers on top-rated coast to coast Saturday A.M. shows! Followed up by a second series of sellpacked spots for your local market to guarantee maximum viewership! TV and Theatre Trailers! Each packing an assortment of Ticket-Selling Tours! Personal appearance jaunts . . . including Scuttlebutt, the talking duck _.. to press-agent the film via news giggles, gags and guffaws! Top-draw ticket-sellers, every one of ‘em! paper interviews, radio and TV stints and stunts! (Additional Details, See Exploitation Section This Presshook)