Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

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Scuttlebutt, the Talking Duck, Says: ‘“‘WHEN MICKEY ROONEY AND BUDDY HACKETT ARE COMEDY-TEAMED ‘EVERYTHING’S DUCKY?’ FOR SHOWMANSHIP!” | 1 THE NAVY Since the Navy looms so large in “Everything's Ducky,” a promotional effort in that direction would be a natural. Try for Navy cooperation where there are Naval installations and recruiting stations. Work the following with Navy cooperation: e Find the sailor with the most unusual mascot or pet. e Display of late-model Navy equipment for lobby and out-front. e Navy songs and other sea tunes to precede your spot announcements on radio and at the theatre. e A Navy recruiting desk in your lobby with new enlistees sworn in on your stage. e Special Navy Night at the theatre, with officers and men of local installations honored by local VIP's. e Navy band and drill team to appear at your theatre opening night. Local Naval cadets and Sea Scouts can appear as well. TV STARS Mickey Rooney, Buddy Hackett and Jackie Cooper are familiar faces on television. Buddy was starred in the TV series, “Stanley,” and is a regular on the Jack Paar show, on NBC, and Jackie stars.as.a Navy.doctor.in the TV_series, | RR DRIVE-IN's e Pet Show for the kids in honor of Scuttlebutt, the talking duck of “Everything's Ducky.” e Play Navy tunes and sea songs over your p.a. system. e Post road signs: “Everything's Ducky—when you Drive Carefully — to see ‘Everything's Ducky,’ Starring Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett—State Drive-In.” e Decorate your theatre with Navy flags and insignia in honor of “Everything's Ducky.” Have your personnel dressed in Navy type costume. | Re RRR — cca RRR RR RRR RR PET SHOW! Inspired by the talking duck which becomes a pet of comics Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett in “Everything’s Ducky,” stage a pet show in some suitable location near your theatre, with local youngsters showing off their own pets in a full-fledged, blue ribbon show. Promote animal foods, accessories, etc., to be given away as prizes and plant pictures of winning pets and their owners in local press, pet stores, etc., with picture credits and sstills. Another idea would be to have your local paper's photographer snap candid shots of residents as they walk their pets around town. Plan the promoiion a week in advance and preseni