Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

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seCele StGis Gs A navy cocror im time iv series, “Hennesey.” Rooney, of course, makes numerous important guest appearances. If any of their shows are televised in your territory, work a mutually-beneficial promotion consisting of joint advertising, spots and listings. DELL COMIC BOOKS An “Everything’s Ducky” comic book, based upon the comedy’s script, is being published by Dell Publishing. Scene stills and credits from the comedy will be highlighted on the front and inside covers. A newsstand tack card is being prepared and Dell distributors across the country will be advised of theatre playdates urged to work on local exploitation. Set on the following: e Heralds for slip-sheeting the comic books. e Truck posters. e Contests, with comic books as prizes. e Giveaways, with limited number being offered to first patrons on line. F tele leeds Leese eel eels ele dele j YOUR OWN TALKING DUCK! All it takes to have a “talking” duck of your own, for one of the freshest promotion gimmicks of the year, is to find a duck ... and a ventriloquist! A male ventriloquist should, of course, be garbed in Navy uniform as Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett are, in “Everything's Ducky.” A girl ventriloquist might be dressed in the height of fashion, in a bathing suit, as a WAVE, etc. Send your “talking duck” on a tour of downtown streets, talking to pedestrians about the film, to playgrounds and wherever else youngsters gather. Put the duck on television (along with his human partner), have him visit editors, etc. Cooperating store chain might work out a program of visiting hours. Card Handouts Use the teaser ads in a card handout promotion, with the help of a cooperating store or stores. Simply print, on pastel-colored stock, a considerable quantity of three of the four teasers and a smaller number of the fourth. On back of the cards, offer guest admissions to patrons showing up with all four of your cards, along with your own credits and credits for the cooperating merchants. Teasers might also be used in a “lucky number’ contest, with numbers posted in your theatre lobby. 2m AR R00 R08 Ree RRR RR RRR eT Wee MM Me MMe MMe Me WM MUM MM WU Weel Ut ME Hus the promotion a week In advance and present guest admissions to those pictured. ‘TALKING’ POSTER Mount a poster head or blow up of Scuttlebutt, the duck on a 40x60 lobby frame set in the corner of your lobby with a two-way microphone and speaker system hookup. Set the mike at some point where an attendant can observe the lobby but cannot be seen. The gag is to have Scuttlebutt carry on a conversation with patrons. TOY STORES Exploit “Everything’s Ducky” through local toy, stationery and novelty stores which stock toy ducks, an always popular children’s item. Try to work up a window streamer with the larger stores or a local toy manufacturer; otherwise use scene stills and credits from “Everything‘s Ducky” for window and in-store displays. Wise ‘Quacks’ An animal, commenting humorously on the foibles and frailties of humans, should be good for laughs and space in local newspapers. Use the teaser ads of Scuttlebutt, the talking duck of “Everything's Ducky,” as your springboard, and run a newspaper contest in which contestants think up wisecracks attributed to the duck, “Scuttlebutt says, ‘Everything's Ducky because... .. . .”” The remarks can be inspired by local personalities, politics, institutions, etc., with prizes awarded to the winners. m0 000000 RR R000 RR R00 RR Re <€Lift Flap for Additional Advertising, Publicity, Cast, Credits, Story and Billing