Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

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AMERICKS SECRET (i) SO) Ss [AUGH WEAPON! Be SE Thats me..Scuttlebutt, the talking duck! I'll have the Navy in dry dock....the Screen in orbit...and you in hystenis...when | Start mixing : @ aTKSSII (sto ite Macliatsvets &s \@) 8 buck with an intellectug/ quck / COLUMBIA PiCrURES presents MICKEY INTRODUCING JOANIE “10'S : ge evn PY mee Aiso stareine JACKIE : son AS THE PSYCH/ATRIST! ™ with SCUTTLE BUTT, +the intellectual duck! Written by JOHN FENTON MURRAY and BENEDICT FREEDMANProduced by RED DOFF = Directed by DON TAYLOR~A BARBROO ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION Ad No. 401—500 Lines (including imprint space) penton ees CoMEDy/ BUDDY \\ ROONEY: -HAeKérr ff fe EvEiynings Ducky ¢ Cooper, . — JTTLE BUTT, 7 Ui os ONE Eg » 20: @: aie g iN 00 PSYCHIATRIST! us dep Sate PRODUCTION «A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE ACOLUMBIA Pl CTURES RELEASE porn pacaatnes! Ad No. 20136 Lines Ad No. 101—17 Lines