Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

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| EVERYTHINGS WACKY? | CETA GANDER AT THis/ | The Jobs are in orbit... the ene ts are in love...the nayys in the dog-house, and g// because of me,a talking duck | It's a wacky quacky Comedy thats strictly AOKI” PSYCHIATRIST! h SCUTTLEBUTT, the Talking Duck! A BARBROO ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION Written by JOHN FENTON MURRAY and BENEDICT FREEDMAN Proaiced by RED DOF: birectedby DON TAYLOR Ad No. 102—33 Lines g LAUGHTER.BIASING o¢ ‘ THE LAUNCHING yy, Two navy bird. braing and a talking duck, CARH He “3 Everythings high hysteria geri Wheh the screen b Nae with operation & so *f and the bird: Irds the only MAW With Qa brain / One COLUMBIA PICTURES presents MiCKEY BUDDY StS off "A-br3 sé e a "Ra onacninte I cotumBiA I pictures I presents aaa =< with face : SCUTTLEBUTT, shar tataltadtual eluent AS THE PSYCHIATRIST! Written by JOHN FENTON MURRAY and BENEDICT FREEDMAN Produced by RED DOFF Directed by DON TAYLOR A BARBROO ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION INTRODUCING JOANIE 1 | 1 Soumens | AS fue pocgne with SCUTTLEBUTT, the intellectual duck! A BARBROO ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION Ad No. 301—360 Lines (including imprint space) Written by JOHN FENTON MURRAY and BENEDICT FREEDMAN Produced by RED DOFF Directed by DON TAYLOR pea a MT CL EET TTT A SAND Ad No. 104—73 Lines GET A GANDER. AT THiS... ltsa Wacky, quacky, out-in-orbit wig comedy thats strictly A-OKE All advertising material in this pressbook, as f well as all other newspaper and publicity material, has been approved under the MPAA Ad vertising Code as a self-regulatory procedure of the Motion Picture Association of America. AMES All inquiries on this procedure, which is voluntarily subis pstesene Ord “AS THE scribed to by the major motion picture companies, may be SCUTTLEBUTT, the Taiking Duck! ve icaaigl Le a Tae : , Summmmmmmmmmmmmees A BARGROO ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION » A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE addressed to: Advertising Code Administrator, Motion PicWritten by JOHN FENTON MURRAY and BENEDICT FREEDMAN Produced by RED DOFF: directed by DON TAYLOR ture Association of America, 28 W. 44th St., New York 36, N.Y. Ad No. 203—68 Lines