Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

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| EA | |e Songs Sung by THE HI-LO’s TE Weeder MMW I MM Mn In iil O F F / é / A L B / L L / N G Mle Mee Me WL IM I COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents MICKEY ROONEY BUDDY HACKETT EVERYTHING'S DUCKY introducing JOANIE SOMMERS also starring JACKIE COOPER As The Psychiatrist Written by JOHN FENTON MURRAY and BENEDICT FREEDMAN Produced by RED DOFF Directed by DON TAYLOR A BARBROO ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION TW Wee MW WM MM I TTT TTT wT HT TT TTT TT TT AY TT TI TTT TT TY TST TT TTT TNS (Review) Everything’s really ducky about ‘‘Everything’s Ducky,” the out-of-this world comedy, a Barbroo Enterprises production for Columbia release, starring Mickey Rooney and Buddy Mackettratthetic as Theatre. The free-wheeling comics, who are delightful enough on their own, are simply devastating in tandem. Rooney and Hackett are well on their way to reviving comedy teams in the tradition of Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello; they make “Everything’s Ducky” an entertainment to tickle the fancy of everyone. Peppery Mickey and _ his bumbling sidekick Hackett, one of the top comedians of the land, really go into orbit—the comedy orbit that is—with “Everything’s Ducky.” Playing two tars stationed at a Naval rocket base, the boys become involved with a talking duck who is privy to a top secret rocket formula. When the Navy wants to separate the duck from its brain, Mickey and Buddy will have none of it. They wind up in trouble with (General Advance) Mickey Rooney, Buddy Hackett and a talking duck named Scuttlebutt vie for comedy honors in “Everything’s Ducky,’ a Barbroo Enterprises production due ............ at the iieassesdeamienk ote Theatre. The Columbia comedy also _ stars Jackie Cooper as a psychiatrist and introduces the new TV song-sensation, Joanie Sommers. In “Everything’s Ducky,” Rooney and Hackett play sailors at a Naval rocket base who become hilariously involved with the duck, which is the sole possessor of a top scientific secret concerning a rocket formula. Cooper plays the Naval psychiatrist to whom the boys come with their problem, while the attractive Miss Sommers is seen as a Navy secretary for whom Rooney has a yen. The two comedians are said to work well in tandem, complementing one another’s talents, with Rooney as the more explosive of the pair and Hackett as his patient, understanding friend. Cooper is reported ta give a thorough pro <x (Mat 2A; Still No. 25) Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett, left, star in Columbia Pictures’ “Everything's Ducky,” along with Joanie Sommers and Jackie Cooper as a Navy psychiatrist. The duck is named Scuttlebutt and he’s the reason “Everything’s Ducky” in the new comedy. 8 (Mat 1A; Still No. R25) Mickey Rooney romances Joanie Sommers in Columbia Pictures’ “Everything’s Ducky,” in which he stars with Buddy Hackett. The comedy also stars Jackie Cooper as a Navy psychiatrist. Sp (Opening Notice) Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett star in “Everything’s Ducky,” a Barbroo Enterprises production for Columbia nelease; Guerre at the SMCE Rte wee Theatre. The comedy also stars Jackie Cooper as a psychiatrist and introduces new Singing sensation Joanie Sommers. The songs in “Everything’s Ducky” are sung by The Hi-Lo’s. Screenplay by John Fenton Murray and Benedict Freedman deals with two sailors who become involved with a talking duck at a Naval rocket base. “Everything’s Ducky’”’ was directed by Don Taylor and produced by Red Doff for Columbia release. (Buddy Hackett) Buddy Hackett is a short, chunky man with a wistful face, one of the funniest men in show business today. Currently, Buddy stars with Mickey Rooney in “Everything’s Ducky,” the Barbroo Enterprises production for Columbia release now at the .................... Theatre in which the comedians play ture m , eee, fe pepe: ee fe i 29%o 100% 100% 15% 79%o 100%, 15% 29% 25% 25% 15%, {RA Re RR (Mickey Rooney) Mickey Rooney is one star whose versatility is legendary. Mickey can do either comedy or drama as the occasion demands and come up with an honors winning performance either way. Currently, Mickey dons the mask of comedy as a Sailor who fancies himself a wolf and becomes humorously involved with a talking duck in “Everything’s Ducky,’ a Barbroo Enterprises production also starring Buddy Hackett. A Columbia release at the ............ Theatre, the zany new comedy also stars Jackie Cooper as a Navy psychiatrist and _ introduces Joanie Sommers, TV singing star. But Mickey is much more than actor and entertainer. He plays nearly every orchestra instrument, composes popular songs, has written a symphony, dances and sings, directs motion pictures as well as produces them, and even finds time to be an accomplished golfer, swimmer and_ tennis player. ‘“‘Everything’s Ducky” serves as the reunion vehicle and Cooper, wha VPP Cay for Rooney —t ore