Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

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Qucnwe ji1U0iTl ibs Vidill, IVIICKCY and Buddy will have none of it. the Navy, with attractive Navy secretary Joanie Sommers, with the duck and with the experimental rocket. “Everything’s Ducky” serves up, in addition to a feast of laughs, three sparkling tunes sung by The Hi-Lo’s; the title song, “Moonlight Music” and “The Scuttlebutt Walk.” (Jackie Cooper) Jackie Cooper, star of the popular TV comedy series, “Hennesey,” in which he plays a Navy medical officer, found it easy to play another Navy man in “Everything’s Ducky,’ the Barbroo Enterprises production ENGEO ICY: .eescclcecceess Theatre. Cooper is starred with Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett in the Columbia release that introduces TV singer Joanie Sommers. In “Everything’s Ducky,” Jackie is cast as the Navy psychiatrist to whom Rooney and Hackett, hilariously involved with a talking duck, come for professional treatment. The teaming of Cooper and Rooney marks a reunion for the two, last seen on the screen together as child stars in “The Devil Is a_ Sissy,” some 25 years ago. 000000; R05 R000 0; R000 R000 R000 R000 R00 0000000 RVR Re Re standing friend. Cooper is reported to give a thorough professional performance as the Naval officer and Miss Sommers is said to be an attractive comedy find. “Everything’s Ducky” was written for the screen by John Fenton Murray and Benedict Freedman. The songs in the Columbia comedy are sung by The Hi-Lo’s. Don Taylor directed and Red Doff produced the Barbroo production. wey ~@ese8 7 ee verses) OO SewwwS (Joanie Sommers) Joanie Sommers, sensational new singing discovery, makes her motion picture debut as a comedienne in “Everything’s Ducky,” a Barbroo production for Columbia release now at the tierce cates Theatre. Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett are starred, as is Jackie Cooper as a psychiatrist. Although Miss Sommers was born in Buffalo, N.Y., she had her schooling in Venice, Calif., where her family had moved. At a Venice High dance she attracted the attention of orchestra leader Tommy Oliver. During her college days at Santa Monica City College, she started singing professionally with his band. However, it was Joanie’s first album, “Positively the Most,” that zoomed the shapely young singer into national prominence. now at the Theatre in which the comedians play two sailors involved with a talking duck at a rocket launching site. The comedy also stars Jackie Cooper as a psychiatrist and introduces TV song-sensation Joanie Sommers. Buddy is experienced in practically every phase of show business today. He played the leading role in a TV series, “Stanley”; has played leading night clubs and he has starred in a Broadway revue. In Hollywood, he appeared in such pictures as ‘“God’s Little Acre,” “All Hands on Deck” and he soon will be seen in “‘The Music Man.” Buddy’s first ambition was to become an actor and he made his debut professionally at summer resort hotels. Jobs as a truck driver, lumber salesman and upholsterer were _ interspersed among his acting assignments until his show business career moved into high gear, when he landed a role in the road company of ‘Call Me Mister.” Written by John Fenton Murray, and Benedict Freedman, “Everything’s Ducky”’ was directed by Don Taylor and produced by Red Doff. Songs in the Columbia release are sung by The Hi-Lo’s. ese wee ee ee oOo serves as the reunion vehicle for Rooney Cooper, whe were last seen together in “The Devil Is a Sissy,’ some 25 years ago; both have been stars since childhood. Written for es and ean the screen by John Fenton Murray = and Benedict Freedman, ‘“Everything’s Ducky” was directed by Don Taylor for producer Red Doff. The songs in ‘“Everything’s Ducky” are sung by The Hi-Lo’s, popular recording group. (The Hi-Lo’s) The Hi-Lo’s, one of the country’s top musical groups, sings three songs in ‘“Everything’s Ducky,’ the Barbroo Enterprises production starring Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett at the .................... Theatre. A Columbia release, the comedy also stars Jackie Cooper as a psychiatrist and introduces singing sensation Joanie Sommers. The songs, with words and music by Harold Spina, are the title song, “Everything’s Ducky,” ‘Moonlight Music” and “The Scuttlebutt Walk.” Penned for the screen by John Fenton Murray and Benedict Freedman, ‘“Everything’s Ducky” was directed by Don Taylor and produced by Red Doff. (mA R000 R00 RR R000 RRR Ree RR RR | ‘EVERYTHING'S DUCKY’ CAST Beetle McKay . «+ «© «© «© « « Admiral John Paul Jones . « « -« « «+ Mickey Rooney « Buddy Hackett Lieutenant Parmell . « « « « « « « « Jackie Cooper « Joanie Sommers « Roland Winters . Elizabeth MacRae « Gene Blakely Ning Lloyd « « « « «© «© e ee « Capt. Lewis Bollinger . « + « « « Susie Penrose. « « « «© «© © «© « Lt. Comm. Kemp » 3.0.26: eo Lao eene Chief Conroy « « « + + © « « « « « Gordon Jones Dr. Deckham. « + « « © « « « « «Richard Deacon George Imhoff . . « « © « + « « « James Millhollin Misanthropist »« « « © © © « « « « « Jimmy Cross «Robert B. Williams King Calder Dick Bunter ouch et eet ete Frank eo eee fe ee © © © © ee & @ Nurse s .6. 6 a a: 6 (0) 0 ew, 6,0. 0): eee eMt Corpsman « « + « « « « « « e « William Hellinger Waves ee ee ee ee ee Ra Morell Simmons « « « « «© « « » « « « George Sawaya Froehlich « « « © « «© © © « « « e& Dick Winslow Jim Lipscott. « + « « « « «© « « e« e Alvy Moore Mr. Johnson eee © © © & @ ee Harold Kennedy Scuttlebutt’s Voice by Walter Edmiston mT lle led Lela CREDITS Written by John Fenton Murray and Benedict Freedman; Directed by Don Taylor; Assistant Director, Jerrold Bernstein; Music Scored and Conducted by Bernard Green; Words and Music by Harold Spina: “Everything's Ducky,” “Moonlight Music’ “Scuttlebutt Walk”; Vocals by The Hi-Lo’s; Director of Photography, Carl Guthrie, A. S. C.; Art Director, Robert Peterson; Film Editor, Richard K. Brockway; Set Decorator, Darrell Silvera; Make-up Supervision, Ben Lane, S. M. A.; Sound Supervisor, Charles J. Rice; Sound, Josh Westmoreland; Assistant to the Producer, Sig Frohlich; Produced by Red Doff. A Barbroo Enterprises Production. A Columbia Release. STORY (Not for Publication) Beetle McKay, brash young sailor stationed at a Navy rocket site, and his sidekick Ad Jones, run across a talking duck named Scuttlebutt, who is smarter than they are. A Navy psychiatrist accuses them of malingering, and they are ordered to get rid of the bird. The Navy learns Scuttlebutt was the pet of a pioneer rocket scientist who, before his death, had taught it the secret of a new rocket guidance system. Beetle and Ad are ordered to bring the duck back alive, so its brain can be removed for study. Navy secretary Nina is assigned to play up to Beetle to make sure he recovers Scuttlebutt. Nina and Beetle promptly fall in love. Through a blunder, Scuttlebutt becomes one of the experimental animals to be launched into space in the new rocket; Beetle and Ad climb aboard the space missile in order to rescue the bird. They, too, are sent into orbit. (A RRR RRR RRR RV RRR RW Ree RRR sf