Everything's Ducky (Columbia Pictures) (1961)

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SELLING AIDS TV Trailers: Each TV trailer has a final frame freeze for super-imposed visual credits, as well as room for local announcer to add theatre and playdate informa tion. Order direct from: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corporation, 711 5th Ave., New York 22, N. Y. Transcriptions: A variety of spot announcements, all open end for local commentator to add theatre credits. Available on a single disc. Order from your Co lumbia exchange; transcriptions will be shipped direct from New York. Iwo Telops: Style A, theatre and station identification. Style B, theatre advertising only. Prices $5.00 without imprint: $7.50 with imprint; $2.00 for each addi tional slide or telop. Specify style and copy desired when you order direct from QQ Title Card Co., 247 West 46th St New York 36, N. Y. Displays: 9 x 12’ Flag: single face, $45.00; double face, $75.00. Badge: 40c. Streamer: 17’ long, $16.50 each. Valance: $1.65 per running foot; minimum length, 10-foot. 12 pennant string: 30’ long, $3.50. Bumper strip: $1.00 each; minimum order 15. Order from National Flag Co., 43 West 21 St, New York 10, N. Y. or in Canada: Theatre Poster Service, 227 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ont. Fella ede Leleeal ddl eel ele Lele dbl lett leet ACCE S SO RIE S SIX SHEET THREE SHEET aA ea VEER He ONE SHEET INSERT CARD 22x 283A 22 x 28° B SLIDE EIGHT 11 x 14's TRAILER UTILITY MAT 40 x 60, 24 x 60 24 x 82 FOUR STILL SETS (6 Sheet) (1 Sheet) (3 Sheet) (25 horizontals, 25 uprights, pressbook set, art set). ORDER ACCESSORIES FROM YOUR COLUMBIA EXCHANGE MT TW WW lL We Md MMU lM MLM WM MM UM MMU UHI is sons ERECT! Ayes STS || RR Rae WR @ Me eT LLL Lai "a PRINTED IN U. S. A.