Georgy Girl (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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‘Georgy Girl’ is BIG? ... BIG with the crities: and .. BIG with the boxoffice! The unprecedented acclaim for ‘Georgy Girl’ and Lynn Redgrave is your Number One showmanship selling tool! Use it in every way possible! Quotes from the reviews in national and other publications are contained in the television and radio spots, the advertising shown in this pressbook and in a special “Quote” 30 x 40, available at National Screen Service. Four Teaser Ads Make these four teaser ads the key to your campaign, as did "Georgy Girl" exhibitors in Boston, Cleve land and Los Angeles! These showmen used |2 teasers— MEET HER AT THE ed eae THEATRE, THURSDAY 3 copies of each ad — in PEE rgeniy aad es me Ad No. 102—47 Lines one-day, run-of-paper inWage re reinenes sertions, to great success. Ad No. !03—A7 Lines Ad No. 105—47 Lines | Col. x 334 Inches | Col. x 334 Inches 0000 meee ae a iB e ; *(JECORGTCQIRL: a % 2 : mi : is as : “One of th m ne or tne rare : = , | = = L # : great, Wi : a j 3 = s ; 1 a s Mmemoranie pictures: ; E = = ARCHER WINSTEN, N.Y. POST = & ff # iS = = a : See if: : = s & = = LJ . = : MEET HER AT THE ie & cast scien THEATRE, THURSDAY = a oo ee Ad No. 104—47 Lines | Col. x 336 Inches Ad No. 208—1!06 Lines—2 Cols. x 334 Inches Page 2