Georgy Girl (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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The National Magazines Join The Acclaim for LIFE “IRRESISTIBLE!” THE NEW YORKER “SUPERB!” McCalls “FREE-SWINGING!” | “A TREASURE!” VOGUE “BRILLIANT!” PLAYBOY “DELIGHTFUL!” ., LA w\g e JAMES MASON: ALAN BATES LYNN REDGRAVE An EVERGLADES Production SUGGESTED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES Ad No. 206—304 Lines—3 Cols. x 107/g Inches This is Georgy. This is Georgy’s roommate. This is Georgy’s roommate's roommate. CORSY IRL “VERY NOW! As radiant, as wryly funny, as its all-heart heroine, marvelous actress Lynn Redgrave. — Mademoiselle COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents CORGY (GIRL Starring JAMES MASON: ALAN BATES LYNN REDGRAVE also starring CHARLOTTE RAMPLING Screenplay by MARGARET FORSTER and PETER NICHOLS Based on the novel by MARGARET FORSTER Produced by ROBERT A. GOLDSTON and OTTO PLASCHKES Directed by SILVIO NARIZZANO An EVERGLADES Production ‘Gl SUGGESTED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES] <~| Ad No. 209—370 Lines—2 Cols. x 13!4 Inches Page 5