Good Neighbor Sam (Columbia Pictures) (1964)

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| * a | Be sentiment ~ * “Good Neighbor Sam” at moving fine. go smoothly. Thats bow Allied wot ty be the warid’s largest mover anyone else. Jack Lemmon and Roms Schneider. ALLIED VAV LIVES ae “Bond Neighbor _ A DAVID SWIFT PRODUCTION A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE a ai | Pa — | 0-0-0 CECE a 2 oi) Bee eed ie aie ee td) et eh L Why Allied Van Lines was selected for a starring role in Allied was the logical choice for Columbia Pictures new mick ie. because Allied s just about the best ncishbor apvane can Baxe Aflied tukes cure of eversthing all the headaches. all the work. And does little acighborls things that make sour mone And thats whs Allied Knows more about moxing sou than if sou'd like to sc aust how good-ncighborls we arc. sce “Cao0d Serhbor Sam -—a David Sadlt production —starnng : “<— es ae ty * s : 4 : a cas Ks ie BS aes =F ot GS ) ee ere et) et ee ek ELE) ce Allied Vans Go All Out For ‘Sam’! When Romy Schneider moves next door to Jack Lemmon and Dorothy Provine, in ''Good Neighbor Sam," the moving is done by Allied Van Lines, the world's largest moving organization with almost 1000 American agents alone. Allied is going all-out in support of the film! * Reproduced here are a number of items prepared by Allied Vans for use across the country. A "rough" of Allied's two-color, half-page magazine ad is shown; this is scheduled for two appearances in Life Magazine, in the issue of July 17th and again later in the summer. * Oneand two-column cooperative ad mats are available to Allied's agents, in addition to two-color stickers to be placed on all correspondence. * Allied has prepared a special tie-in kit around its ''Good Neighbor Sam’ promotion plans; this includes material and stills from the picture, suggestions for local showmanship cooperation, newspaper ad mats, etc. In addition, Columbia has advised all of Allied's agents across the country of the promotion and supplied them with special order blanks so they may obtain additional ad mats and/or copies of our radio and television spots. Allied also is urging its agents to obtain and use this material, slugging it with their own local promotional copy. Allied also is urging all their agents to work with local showmen in: * Purchasing time and space plugging Allied and '"Good Neighbor Sam." ° Creating their own exploitation excitement around the picture. * Cooperating fully with playdate theatres, in such local promotions as "lucky number" stunts which will unlock vans loaded with locally-promoted prizes, guest tickets for newlyweds being moved by Allied, VIP parties in vans parked near theatre, etc. You will find your Allied agent listed in the phone book .. cooperate! . and you will find him eager to ‘Sam’ Is At the World’s Fair, Too! Allied is the official mover for the Travel and Transportation Pavilion at the World's Fair in New York City, and is having its own spectacular exhibit there. Included in the exhibit, which is visited by millions of people weekly, from all over the country, is a back-lighted display featuring color transparencies from ''Good Neighbor Sam," plus poster art. m “C000 Neigndor IN O Sal 0 : ve anaes) (000 Neighbor Sal Some of Allied's “Good Neighbor Sam'' promotional material is shown here. STARRING: JACK LEMMON AND ROMY SCHNEIDER A DAVID SWIFT PRODUCTION A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE @ Above, left, Life Magazine ad (shown in "rough" and reduced size). @ At left, Allied's tie-in kit envelope art {in reduced size); kit goes to almost 1000 of its agents in America, hundreds more in Canada and around the world. e@ Above, correspondence sticker for use on all Allied agents’ mail, billing inserts, etc. FOR YOUR BEST MOVE CALL: AGENT'S NAME ADDRESS, PHONE, ETC. @ Right, 2-col. newspaper co-op ad mat; also available to Allied's agents: a I-col. co-up ad mat, and the "Good Neighor Sam" advertising for use in mutually-beneficial local showmanship campaigns. or) OO ee a id Lee: Cae eee Travel Agencies "Good Neighbor Sam" was filmed in one of America's most beautiful cities, San Francisco, and travel agency cooperation might be possible in a variety of ways. Tag it with a line like: "Visit Beautiful San Francisco, Home of 'Good Neighbor Sam’." SSS a= — = — ——————— Teaser Campaign A message like: '' 'Good Neighbor Sam’ is Good For You!'' makes a delightful advance teaser campaign. Plant it on posts, poles, fences around town, in empty store windows and wherever else there is room for a locallyprinted poster. Copyright © 1964, Columbia Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.