Good Neighbor Sam (Columbia Pictures) (1964)

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Hertz Rent a Car Company Sets Major Promotion! Hertz Rent a Car's famous "flying man" of the television commercials—''Let Hertz Put You in the Driver's Seat''—figures importantly in comedy scenes from "'Good Neighbor Sam," which has Jack Lemmon as an advertising agency executive with problems—his wife, and the woman next door! How the commercials are made is delightfully depicted in the film, and the sequence keys a major Hertz promotion tied-in with ''Good Neighbor Sam." ¢ Basic art and copy (right) will be used by Hertz in counter cards for use in their every office in every city of consequence. * It will be used as posters for Hertz frames in hotel lobbies, airports, railroad stations, offices, garages, franchise agencies, etc. ° |t will be used as a billing insert to Hertz’ thousands of charge account patrons, and it will be included on the Hertz check list which is given to all persons renting a car. How does your good neighbor Hertz do it? Go see “GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM” See Columbia's new comedy, produced and directed by David Swift. And starring Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider, Dorothy Provine, guest star Edward G. Robinson, the Hi-Lo's and Hertz. See how the famous Hertz flying man makes it into the seat of the Chevy convertible. And what happens when Jack Lemmon gets caught on the sound stage with cameras turning on the hilarious flying man sequences. For some fast film fun, Hertz also is planning a radio and television campaign along the same lines. The telephone book will tell any showmen anywhere the address of the nearest Hertz office... or offices! A phone call will bring your engagement of "Good Neighbor Sam" to the attention of the Hertz people . . . they will want to help! Mutually beneficial cooperation can include such items as: ¢ Cooperative advertising. e Instore and window displays. * Special promotions involving tickets to Hertz customers. * Piciure-plugs backing-up the Hertz air commercials. ¢ Motorcade to theatre. * TV station and editor hosting of special screening keyed to the advertised "How Does Hertz Do It?"' reference to Hertz' famous “flying man". Shown is a reduction of the 600-line ad ("rough," illustrated) Hertz has scheduled for newspapers across the country, keyed to playdates of "Good Neighbor Sam." Space below the "Good Neighbor Sam" line may be used for theatre credits. a The Junk-Mobile! Still No. P255 shows Jack Lemmon standing proudly in front of his ''Junk-mobile," easily the wildest prop ever devised for a motion picture. Made of nothing but junk, it swings into hilarious action in the course of the film—wheels turn, the dummy figure salutes, bells ring, a drum is beaten, the phonograph plays, etc. No theatre should be without one! Arrange for a junk-mobile of your own, in your lobby, to be built by students who are mechanically inclined, by your electrician ... or do it yourself! And, of course, see that it is publicized extensively, with the Mayor or other VIP pressing the button which first sets your junk-mobile going! Useful Stills No real or implied endorsements are possible, but there are a number of stills available at National Screen Service which may be used effectively in window and other merchandising promotions. Among them are: Still*No. I1—Hairdo, Sweater (Dorothy Provine) Still No. 250 — Spectacles (Jack Lemmon) Still No. R304 — Thunderbird (Lemmon and Romy Schneider) Still No. R853—Beauty (Romy Schneider) Still No. R3164—Flowers, Shower Stall (Romy Schneider) Coppertone Dorothy Provine's endorsement of Coppertone Suntan Lotion is being extensively plugged by the manufacturer via national magazine and newspaper advertising, and radio spots . . . with credit to "Good Neighbor Sam."' Coppertone's advertising schedule includes use of the full-color, full-page advertisement shown below in the June issue of Sunset Magazine, the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens, and the July issues (inside front covers) of Glamour Magazine, True Confession, Motion Picture and Ingenue Magazines. The ad also is scheduled to appear in black-and-white, 600 lines, in from 75 to 100 key city newspapers, day-and-date with release of the film wherever possible. Miss Provine's endorsement of Coppertone will also be heard, with credits, via some 3000 radio spots across the country. Go after drug, department and variety store windows and counter displays built around this Coppertone tie-up, and try for co-op newspaper advertising as well. ''Good Neighbor Sam"' radio spots, with theatre and playdate credits added, might follow the Coppertone spots in your area; check local stations for Coppertone schedules. Coppertone’ guarantees’ the fastest tan with maximum sunburn protection The Book Pocket Books, Inc., is issuing a paperback, with front and back cover credits for the picture, of Jack Finney's "Good Neighbor Sam," on which the film is based. In addition, Pocket Books:is alerting its distributors across the country of the new Columbia picture, and advising them to work closely with local showmen. A special window streamer has been prepared around book and picture, and limited quantities are available as long as the supply lasts; write to: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corp., 711 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022. Also, work the following: e Make up a book, using a one-column pressbook ad and "Read the Book, See the Movie" copy. On reverse side imprint theatre and playdate copy. e Provide stills and posters for window and in-store displays and use in conjunction with full credits. e Give away copies of the paperback edition to first people on line. e Obtain copies of paperback book for delivery to editors and disc jockeys. e Street bally, with front and back covers of the book enlarged. e Post pages from the book with ribbons leading to appropriate stills. e Provide the dstributor with wraparounds plugging your engagement of the picture, to be attached to all copies in town. e Rubberstamp your message on separated pages of the book for a unique street handout. Page 3