Good Neighbor Sam (Columbia Pictures) (1964)

Record Details:

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The Music Colpix Records is issuing the ''Good Neighbor Sam" Theme on a 45 rpm by The Bearcats with campaign aimed at disc jockeys and the music trade. Go after local music store windows and counter displays, disc jockey plays, etc. In addition, offer the disc as a giveaway, in contests as a prize, and play it during show breaks or in your advance lobby ith appropriate credits. The theme also has been recorded by Hollyridge Strings, for Capitol; Hugo Montenegro, for RCA Victor and by Claus Oglemann and his Orchestra, for United Artists Records. Truck Tie-Up The Metro truck from International Harvester shown below figures importantly in "Good Neighbor Sam" — and in International Harvester's trade promotion! The truck is used by "private eye’ Louis Nye when he is spying on Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider and Dorothy Provine. The vacuum cleaner on the truck roof really is a periscope; there is radar and infra-red photography equipment and the letters ''O"' in Brookfield fall away to be replaced by binoculars! International Harvester's Metro truck does not come so well-equipped, but the company is publicizing its presence in "Good Neighbor Sam" via photographs (Still No. Expl. |, shown) and copy to several hundred automotive trade papers and house organs. Harvester International representatives should be contacted. Find Your Town’s ‘Good Neighbor Sam’! "Good Neighbor Sam" is a comedy, one of the most hilarious in years, but the title offers a wonderful opportunity for a local civic campaign to be worked with a community organization, press, radio and television! It is, simply, to choose a ''Good Neighbor Sam" in your town ... with the entire community nominating and voting! He might be active in the PTA, civic groups, a religious organization. He might be just a neighbor, always ready to help out. He might be someone who hit the headlines through some newsworthy action in an accident or catastrophe. He might be a youngster... an oldster . .. and, of course, your "Good Neighbor Sam" might also be a woman! Work out the details of the contest with the sponsoring organization, with community-wide attention—including a reception and other tributes. TWA, in cooperation with Inflight Motion Pictures, will run the full-color double-truck ad shown here in both Life Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post; ad spotlights a scene from ''Good Neighbor Sam," and carries a credit reading: "Enjoy Fine Films Such as ‘Good Neighbor Sam’, starring Jack Lemmon and Romy Schneider, etc." In addition, key newspapers in every city serviced by TWA in the United States will carry advertising along the same general lines, in various TWA and Inflight Plug ‘Sam’ large sizes and all plugging "Good Neighbor Sam.'' The TWA newspaper ad schedule calls for insertions in major newspapers in Boston, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Similarly, TWA and Inflight have scheduled a series of radio spot announcements across the country which point up the fact that films like "Good Neighbor Sam" may be seen by TWA passengers, both transcontinental and transatlantic. Showmen are advised to get in touch NOW with the local offices of TWA and with travel agencies, to set up window and in-store displays using stills from the picture, TWA material and the key-line: ''Enjoy Fine Films Such as ‘Good Neighbor Sam'—Inflight on TWA... or At the State Theatre, etc." Mises SAM BISSELL™ \ "NURDLINGER MILK IS BETTER!" The ‘Art’ of Promotion Amateur "‘artists'' are many, and one of the more familiar examples of their work can be found in what is called "subway art''—the unsolicited addition of mustaches and eyeglasses to faces on posters in subways, on walls, etc. "Good Neighbor Sam" can give everybody in town a chance to indulge himself in this direction. In one of the more delightful sequences of the film, Jack Lemmon and Romy Schneider spend an entire night defacing pictures of themselves on billboards around the city. Still No. R1893 shows them starting work on one such billboard (shown at lower left in 5-Col. Exp. Mat No. |) and Still Nos. R2080 and R2083 show samples of their amateur efforts. Make : available to anyone who wants to enter locally-printed repro! abe ductions of 5 Col. Exp. Mat No. | with the announcement that meyers the best jobs of "subway art' will be awarded guest tickets or | promoted merchandise prizes. Your own contest rules and playdate credits should be substituted for the copy shown on mat, below the "Have a Ball. . . '' copyline. HAVE A BALL WITH GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM! Jack Lemmon and Romy Schneider, to save a $15,000,000 inheritance, must disguise their portraits on a series of huge billboards during a hilarious sequence in GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM. Here's a chance to win valuable prizes by painting mustaches, eve glasses and weird hair-dos on their faces as Jack and Romy do in the picture, as shown at the left. Use your imagination and colored paint, then deposit them at the Plaza Theatre. Prize winners will have their art posted on a lobby board. 5-Col. Exploitation Mat No. | (shown in ‘rough’ Page 4