Good Neighbor Sam (Columbia Pictures) (1964)

Record Details:

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NOW BE A COLORING ARTIST! (COURTESY OF COLUMBIA PICTURES) Je HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO LET YOURSELF GO!... Ay iK Covuwal CTURES LD THE WAY THEY DO IT IN THE MOVIE! SLAM! BAM! COLOR HER © LUSCIOUS! 3 MICHAEL CONNORS EDWARD \LOUIS\ ROBERT 0. INDREWS\ NYE \ MICHELINE and JACQUELINE Beautiful gowns (and Nightgowns!) by | Screenplay by JAMES FRITZELL, EVERETT GREENBAUM and DAVID SWIFT Based on the novel by JACK FINNEY * Produced and Directed by DAVID SWIFT * A DAVID SWIFT PRODUCTION COLOR, ii H i=% A T R iS LEWIS Ad No. 405—324 Lines 4 Cols. x 534 Inches ‘Good Neighbor Sam’ Selling Aids INTERVIEWS WITH LEMMON, ROBINSON! Open-end interviews for radio promotion . . . two with Jack Lemmon! One with Edward G. Robinson! Mimeographed scripts for local commentator! Flip side of disc carrying these interviews contains the radio spots described below! Order direct from your Columbia exchange; disc will be shipped direct from New York. TV TRAILERS A wide variety, all perfect for your TV campaign, with space for local announcer to add theatre and playdate information. Each has a final frame for super-imposed visual credits, if desired. One 60-second trailer contains gag reel footage, along lines of theatre teaser trailer. Order from Exploitation Dept., Columbia Pictures Corp., 71 | Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10022. TELOPS Information about telops, style and prices, may be obtained by writing direct to OO Title Card Co., 247 W. 46th Street, New York, N. Y. 10036. PHOTO STORY Story of film in stills and captions. Sent with your credits direct to cooperating newspaper or TV program. Order from: Columbia Pictures Publicity Dept., 711 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10022. TRANSCRIPTIONS A variety of spot announcements, all open end for local commentator to add theatre credits. Available on a single disc; flip side contains radio interviews with Jack Lemmon and Edward G. Robinson! Order through your Columbia exchange; transcription will be mailed from New York. DISPLAYS 9' x 12' Flag: single face: $75. Badge: 40c; $1.65 per running foot; minimum length, 10 feet. |2—pennant string, assorted fluorescent colors, 30' long, $3.50 per string. Bumper strip: $1.00 each, minimum order 15. Order from National Flag Co., 43 West 21 Street, New York, N. Y. 10010. TEASER TRAILER Gag reel footage! For use well in advance of regular National Screen trailer, and for cross-plugging. Order teaser trailer from your Columbia exchange. ee —————————————————————— EE ——————— pPaPpBBYLEESEE>»~L_L__~_ EE Page 10