Good Times (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

Record Details:

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A & | Distrbuting Co. 1000 Broadway Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Joe Nathan Allstate New Jersey, Inc. 321 Sherman Avenue Newark, New Jersey 07114 Irwin Fink Arnold Dist. Co. 27044 Freedom Drive Charlotte, N. C. Bert Fleishman B & K Dist. Co. 129 N.W. 23rd Street Oklahoma City, Okklahoma Cliff Keaton Best Record Dist., Inc. 959 Main Street Buffalo, N. Y. 14203 Len Silver Big State Dist. Corp. 1337 Chemical Dallas 8, Texas Bill Emerson en ee ee ee ee ee Bill Davis Ed Walker Cleve-Disc Dist. 1550 E. 33rd St. Cleveland, Ohio Jim Toppel Davis Sales Co. 3825 Newport Denver, Colorado Delta Record Dist. 1023 Baronne New Orleans, Louisiana Get your playdate extra word-of-mouth publicity via stunts and promotions plugging the picture title. Provide guest tickets, or promoted merchandise, as prizes: @ Have a newspaper conduct a write-in contest wherein readers send in postcards answering the question: "Of All the 'Good Times’ You Have Had, Which Did You Enjoy the Most?" @ Another write-in contest, sponsored by a deejay, can have listeners sending in postcards containing words of four or moe letters made fom the title. ® Have a lobby board made up on which passersby can indicate the year in their lives they thought represented "Good Times.'' A heading at the top can read: ''What Years in Life Are Best for 'Good Times'?" In columns underneath list the following divisions of years: | to 12, 13 to 19, 20 to 35 and 36 plus. Have pencils handy for those wishing to indicate preference and report the result of the poll to your newspaper. Ste ee ee ee ee Heilicher Bros., Inc. 7600 Wayzata Blvd. Minneapolis, Minnesota Amos Heilicher Dumont Record Dist. 30 Nashua Street Woburn, Massachusetts Don Dumont Eric Dist.. Co. 1251 Folsom Street San Francisco, California Bill Weiland SONNY AND CHER SELLS “GOOD TIMES’ ATCO RECORD DISTRIBUTORS M. B. Krupp Dist. 2519 No. 16th St. Phoenix, Arizona Margo Grover M. B. Krupp Dist. 309 So. Santa Fe St. El Paso, Texas Barney Krupp McDonald Brothers, Inc. 994 So. Bellevue P. O.. Box 2845 Memphis, Tennessee Charles Smith Malverne Dist. Co., Inc. 60! West 50th Street New York, New York Al Hirsch, Joe Grippo Merit Dist. Corp. 2525 West 9th Street Los Angeles, California Jack Lewerke Microphone Music, Inc. 605 Coral Street Honolulu, Hawaii Music City Record Dist. 127 Lafayette St. Nashville, Tennessee Hutch Carlock Music Merchants, Inc. 3731 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan Marvin Jacobs John O'Brien Dist. 5825 N. 96th Street Seaboard Dist. 275 Park Avenue East Hartford, Conn. Marvin Ginsberg Southland Dist. Co. Atlanta, Georgia Gwen Kessler Standard Dist. Co. 1623 Blvd. of the Allies Pittsburgh, Pa. Nick Cenci Milwaukee, Wisconsin John O'Brien Roberts Record Dist. 1900 Washington Ave. St. Louis, Missouri Bob Hausfater Royal Disc Dist. Co. 1400 So. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois Kent Beauchamp Schwartz Brothers, Inc. 2146 24th Place, N. E. Washington, D. C. Jim Schwartz ee Se ee, 8.8 0 0 0 8 8 8 2 8 2 2 6 2 2 2 ee Stanley Dist. Co. 1000 Ist Ave. So. Seattle, Washington Lou Lavinthal Tone Dist., Inc. 495 S. E. Tenth Court Hialeah, Florida Henry Stone United Record Dist. . 1613 St. Emanuel Houston, Téxas Steve Poncio Universal Record Dist. 919 No. Broad Street Philadelphia, Penna. Len Rakliff SOUNDTRACK ALBUM Get maximum exposure for the Atco Records sound track album for "Good Times,"' as well as the other albums and single recordings of Sonny and Cher. Make up window streamers and counter cards with plugs for the Sonny and Cher ''Good Times" recordings and the picture and provide plenty of scene stills for window and in-store displays. Have the soundtrack music played continuously on the stores’ loudspeaker system and, of course, on the theatre pa. marquee speakers. For a theatre stunt, offer guest tickets to youngsters bringing complete collections of Sonny and Cher recordings for exhibition in a lobby case. Check local radio stations to see that most, if not all, of Sonny and Cher's records are in their music libraries for use in promoting ''Good Times." 1235 Techwood Drive, N.W. nt en ee ee ee ee | ‘GOOD TIMES’ [S GREAT TITLE FOR The film's title offers an excellent opportunity for promoting large-space co-op newspaper advertising involving your local merchants and businesses to which the expression "Good Times" is applicable. In advance of playdate, suggest to the several stores and service organizations a plan for spotting their individual advertisements under a banner headline of the title of the picture. Listed are SHOWMANSHIP! Travel Bureaus—''Good Times Ahead On Land and Sea!" Banks—'"'Save in Good Times For Good Times Ahead!" Fashions—"Enioy Your Good Times in the Best Fashions." Watches—''Pick Your Good Times From Our Selection of Good Timers." Vacation Resorts—''Summer Time Means Good Times Ahead! Plan Now!" a number of such businesses you can approach in this respect and brief suggested copy lines to illustrate the tie-in advantages. an arn ee ee a ee 2 2 ee el Page 7