Good Times (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

Record Details:

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SONNY AND CHER PUT ‘GOOD TIMES’ ON THE AIR Sonny and Cher have recorded a number of invaluable radio promotional accessories to help saturate the air with plugs for ''Good Times." The fall-out from this blanket coverage cannot fail to have a beneficial effect on all theatres playing the picture and, in many instances, showmen will be able to tie-in their playdates with the stations broadcasting this material. In addition, of course, they have prepared material for local theatre radio and television showmanship. Make use of the following: DISC JOCKEY MESSAGES e Sonny and Cher have recorded a number of radio messages addressed personally to the deejays of the "Top 40" stations across the country; these include a pitch to listeners calling attention to "Good Times,'' soon to be playing at a local theatre. Check with the program directors of local stations. If one of these Sonny and Cher personal messages has been received, arrange for it to be aired with theatre credits the week prior to your opening. RADIO TIME SPOTS e Sonny and Cher plan additional items to be sent to radio stations throughout the U. S. One is a telephone tape recording announcing several different times of the day and including a tie-in plug for the picture and another gives star identification and the individual call letters of the stations. As suggested for the Top 40"' message promotion, contact local stations, as soon as your ''Good Times" playdate is set, check on the availability of these air accessories and arrange your tie-in credits. PERSONAL RADIO SPOTS @ Radio spots for "Good Times’ have been made especially by Sonny and Cher, for use throughout the broadcast day! Order from National Screen Service. ‘LIVE’ TV TRAILERS e "Live" television trailers . . . featuring the singing stars of "Good Times,’ and scenes from their film. These variously-sized spots were made by the stars during production of the film. Order from National Screen Service. RADIO INTERVIEWS e Interview with Sonny and Cher by Dick Strout, nationally famed for his lively radio programs, are being aired on 850 stations blanketing the country via Strout's ''Hollywood Profiles" program, and also are available for showmen on a 12" LP record. One side carries open-end interviews, with script for use by local commentator; flip side carries complete interviews, with commentator. Check with the radio stations in your territory. If the interviews have been broadcast, arrange for re-broadcasting, with your credits. If they have not been aired and the station wants to use such a Sonny and Cher interview disc, order it FREE from: Dick Strout, Inc., P. O. 907 Beverly Hills, Calif. ee ee ee a 2 aa ttt ee ee "ss GO AFTER YOUNG FANS Go after the young fans—high school and college level—who consider Sonny and Cher tops among today's song stylists. A wide range of promotional possibility exists, including: e Group-ticket sales, set up through the schools or school organizations, as suggested below in conjunction with a charity or other benefit opening. @ A contest, sponsored by school newspaper or by English or other teacher, for the best essay on "Why | Want to See Sonny and Cher in 'Good Times'."' First prize in such a contest might be guest admissions for the winning writer's entire English class, say, or a chance to invite 20 or so of his own guests (including at least one faculty member to help maintain order!) to a performance of ''Good Times." @ If a special screening is planned, be sure school editors are invited, and that they also receive publicity material and scene mats. e Use stills from the picture showing Cher in the costumes she designs herself, as the key to a dress-design contest which might be worked by a nearby teen shop, or by school home economics instructors. ee Sonny and Cher, who star in "Good Times," are two of the hottest recording artists in the country. The singing duo is enjoying tremendous success, with both teen-age groups and adults. As a result, their hit albums and single recordings have sold in the millions, and their guest appearances on top network radio and TV shows and concert tours attract phenomenal audiences. Last year, Sonny and Cher staged benefit concerts in Hollywood, London and Paris, raising thousands of dollars for the Braille Institute and the Variety Clubs. They plan similar concerts for the same charities this year and, hopefully, every year from now on. The possibility of turning your opening night performance of "Good Times'' into a benefit for either the Braille Institute or the local Variety Club is, therefore, a promotion opportunity which should be explored. An important outlet for promoting your engagement of the picture can be found in the cooperation of the deejays and radio stations in your area. In addition to the sound track album on the picture, which will be in national distribution at the time of the film's release, Sonny and Cher's other recordings offer an opportunity for staging saturation air shows in honor of their first motion picture. Suggest a ''Sonny and Cher Week" program, or possible ''Nights,"' aired in advance of your opening, with each disc jockey playing their records staging contests plugging the picture. Here are some of the many possibilities, not only for radio, but also for television and/or newspapers: @ One deejay could announce the first listener calling his studio and identifying the title of the Sonny and Cher record he is about to play, wins guest tickets to the picture. @ Another contest could offer ticket prizes to those sending in postcards listing all of Sonny and Cher's records. @ Similar prizes could go to listeners sending in postcards explaining: "Why | Want to See Sonny and Cher in 'Good Times’, in twenty-five words or less, awards to be made via sweepstakes drawing. e Disc jockey host at breakfast, for lucky listeners (via sweepstake drawing or contest suggested above). Promoted meals at prominent dining spot, of course, plus a parade to the theatre. Stunt might be expanded to include every disc jockey in town, hosting four or more of his own listeners. a ne ee a ee eee ee ee ee ee ee ‘GOOD TIMES’ SELLING AIDS Sonny and Cher TV Trailers (described above) Sonny and Cher Radio Spots (described above) Sonny and Cher Radio Interview (described above) Telops Information about telops, style and prices, may be obtained by writing to OQ Title Card Co., 247 W. 46th Street, New York, N. Y. 10036. National Flag Displays 3 pe. Streamer, $21.50; De Luxe Sectional Valance, $2.15 per running foot—minimum length, 10 feet; Usher Badges, 50c; 9' x 12' Flags or Wall Banners, single-faced, $80., double-faced, $145. Order from National Screen Service. ee te ee eee ee ee eee eee eB eee eee ee eee eee eee eee eee ee eee a | Page 8 ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee eT