Good Times (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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LONG-HAIR DO’S Sonny wears his hair long, in the style favored by many of today's youngsters. Make a special pitch to the "Long Hairs" in your town via news stories and lobby posters. Here are a few suggestions: @ Offer guest admissions opening day to the first ten boys on line having long hair, similar to Sonny's. Arrange for photos, interviews. @ Have an amateur photographer take "Before-and-After" pictures of boys who volunteer to have their long hair clipped at a neighboring barber. Offer photos to newspapers for editorial comment. @ Present merchandise prizes to boys whose hair measures the longest. @ Stage a radio or TV debate among the "Long Hairs'' and boys who wear it the customary length with listeners voting their preferences by postcard. @ Stage a hair beauty contest among the boys, a panel of girls voting for the prettiest head of hair. COSTUME CONTEST In ''Good Times,"’ Sonny has ambitions to be a movie star and imagines himself as a screen hero in several scenes—as a brave but inept Western sheriff, as a jungle hero, ala Tarzan, and as a tough private eye. Still Nos. 36, 78 and 82 show Sonny in the costumes he wears for these various roles. Post them on a lobby board in advance and offer promoted merchandise prizes to youngsters dressed in similar outfits on opening day. MOD CLOTHES Sonny and Cher wear clothes that could be called American Mod, for their roles in "Good Times," while performing and in private life. Cher designs her own outfits, usually colorful combinations of bell-bottom pants, pop tops and ankle boots while Sonny usually wears low-slung pants, Tom Jones shirts and moccasins. Select scenes from your still set showing the stars attired in these fashions for tie-ins with men's and women's clothing stores in your neighborhood. Make enlargements of the stills for special window displays, with picture credits, with the stores’ mod merchandise on manikins. The stills could also be the spark for a way-out fashion show. INTERSTATE PREMIERE PROMOTION! Long before the world premiere of "Good Times," in Texas, the film was being plugged display and composite advertising! Sonny and Cher albums were distributed to schools and "young audiences, etc. Contests included statewide search for a co-ed beauty queen, a Cher look-alike contest! ae ee ee ee ee ee ee eee ee Be ee by these drop-in slugs, in all Interstate Theatre colleges for programming on their stations; radio and television spots were aimed at Famous Film Teams contest, and a Sonny & SONNY AND CHER FANS CAN HELP PLUG ‘GOOD TIMES’ DATE BUMPER STRIPS Sonny and Cher bumper strips in two-color fluorescent, with adhesive back, are 3!/, x 15, and are available at five cents each, minimum order of 500. Order direct from: Parry's Advertising Specialties 4200 North Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, California 9004 <— FAN PHOTOS Shown at left is a 4 x 5 autographed color photo of Sonny and Cher for widespread distribution to their fans, at and away from theatre. Reverse side can be imprinted locally with theatre message. Photos are $27.00 per 1000, minimum order of 500 for $16. Send check or money order direct to: Photos, P. O. 1363 Beverly Hills, California FAN CLUBS There are Sonny and Cher Fan Clubs in many communities, and the one in yours can be helpful in a wide variety of ways. If there is none, members of your audience may want to organize such a club; give them all the help you can—they'll be glad to reciprocate by plugging your "Good Times'’ engagement. For information, write direct to: Sonny and Cher International Fan Club 8560 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, California BE OF GOOD CHER, SONNY! “GOOD TIMES" IS COMING “GOOD TIMES" IS COMING SONNY & CHER! ~orer—en, fa an a ~ ‘\ ‘ \ dmg \ WITH SONNY & CHER Sik Ser te BE OF GOOD CHER, SONNY! “GOOD TIMES” IS COMING GOOD TIMES \ Se en a ae <G00D TIMES RICH.... “GOOD TIMES”’ IS COMING WITH SONNY & CHER asa EREREERERERER EROS SE Se en nn ne ne ee nn ne M AT No. EXPL. 1 ee nl Page 9