Good Times (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

Record Details:

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CREDITS PaaS a" eas Produced by Lindsley Parsons Directed by . William Friedkin Screenplay by... Tony Barrett Stony by..." Nicholas Hyams Music Composed and Conducted by. .Sonny Bono Arranged by Harold R. Battiste, Jr. Director of Photography Robert Wyckoff Production Manager Arthur Broidy Film Editor..... Melvin Shapiro Special Consultant on Musical Sequences .... Wilmer Butler Art Direction by Hal Pereira and Arthur Lonergan Set Decoration by Arthur Krams Assistant Film Editor Richard Wahrman Sound Effects by Delmore Harris and Carl Lodato Costumes by .... Leah Rhodes Makeup by Edwin Butterworth, S.M.A. Hair Stylist... Hedwig Mjorud Sound Recording by Harold Lewis Wardrobe by. Forest T. Butler Assistant Director David Salven Script Supervision by Marvin Wledon Choreograhpy by Andre Tayir Process Photography Farciot Edouart, A.S.C. A Motion Picture International Production Color by De Luxe A Steve Broidy Production A Columbia Pictures Release OFFICIAL BILLING | COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents 25% SONNY & CHER 100% GOOD TIMES 100% GEORGE SANDERS 100% NORMAN ALDEN 50% Screenplay by TONY BARRETT 15% Story by NICHOLAS HYAMS 15% Music Composed and Conducted by SONNY BONO 15% Executive Producer STEVE BROIDY 15% Produced by LINDSLEY PARSONS 15% Directed by WILLIAM FRIEDKIN 15% A MOTION PICTURE INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION 25% Color By DeLuxe 25% THRE MOVIE scr Lowen 1-SHEET a ee = OANDERS ti re Redoca: STEFE BOTY “Passeced oy LINBREER PRRGRE : 6-SHEET ee ne ee | ACCESSORIES e SIX SHEET e THREE SHEET e ONE SHEET e RADIO INTERVIEWS e RADIO SPOTS e RADIO TIME SPOTS e TV TRAILERS e INSERT CARD e 22 x 28 e SLIDE e EIGHT I1 x 14's e TRAILER e UTILITY MAT e 40x60, 24x60, 24 x 82, 30 x 40 STIEL*SETS (Color and B/W — Color, for lobby and store displays; B/W stills for newspaper planting) Order from National Screen Bono 8 oe BEeBBES ee BEBE GS 3-SHEET PRINTED IN U.S. A.