In Cold Blood (Columbia Pictures) (1967)

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Truman Capote’s COLD BLOOD IN COLD BLOOD “BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! Richard Brooks is the man of the year! He has made a mighty drama of unvarnished realism, jolting to the senses and more spellbinding than the book!” —Wanda Hale, N.Y. Daily News "A TRULY MARVELOUS EXPERIENCE! A PICTURE THAT TRANSCENDS ITSELF! It catches you by the throat and never lets you go!” —Archer Winsten, New York Post “ONE OF THE FINEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR AND POSSIBLY OF THE DECADE! No small part of this is due to Richard Brooks’ brilliant screenplay, it seems to me to stand beyond criticism as an example of film construction!” Arh: Knight, Saturday Review "A KING-SIZE, AMBITIOUS, BRILLIANTLYMADE FILM! Fascinating, well-done, important! A volatile mosaic!” —William Wolf, Cue Magazine Written for the Screen and Directed by Richard Brooks . Music by QUINCY JONES ‘Columbia Pictures Release In Panavisio Positively no one under 16 admitted unless ac y a parent or guardian. [SMA] Address Tel. Numbe Ad No. 305—600 Lines—3 Cols. x 1414 Inches Page 3